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3 Steps To Better Website Marketing

There are two ways to improve your marketing on your website and both are extremely important for growing your business through increased clients and sales. 1) Review how you use your website to attract clients (to get leads) 2) Review how you actually market your website (to get traffic) You may be wondering why I … Continue reading 3 Steps To Better Website Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Basics: How to Use Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Last month, we went over what keywords are and how they affect your website’s Search Engine Optimization. We saw that when you want your website to appear in search results, you need a cohesive keyword strategy that informs your website’s content. Once you have figured out an initial keyword list, it’s time to start using … Continue reading Search Engine Optimization Basics: How to Use Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

What are SEO Keywords & How do they Influence Web Traffic?

If you’re new to online marketing and you’re trying to learn more about how to drive website traffic, you will hear the terms SEO and Keywords often. So, let’s take a minute to unpack what these terms really mean and how you can start using them to inform your website content. Since the online marketing … Continue reading What are SEO Keywords & How do they Influence Web Traffic?

4 Best Practices for Starting SEO on Your Automotive Shop’s Website

As we have been working with local automotive businesses in the TriValley, and taking a look at the market, we’re noticing that many small business owners are missing out on a competitive edge by not having up-to-date web marketing. 

Overcoming Content Overload and Blogging To Get the Right Leads

As we’ve explained previously, blogging is an important element to both search engine optimization and Inbound Marketing. However, most businesses now understand the value of creating content and we are reaching a point of content overload. If EVERYONE is writing blogs, what do you need to do to stand out from the competition?

The Top 5 reasons why you aren’t getting more visitors to your website

1. Weak website experience Having a website helps your business get found online, but not creating an engaging website can really hurt your business. It would be the same as going to a computer store except there are no employees around to help you find, or educate you on, their products.

11 Blog Ideas To Get New Leads From Your Website

Generating quality leads is a part of life when running a business, but whether you are laboriously creating leads manually, or using an independent & repeatable systemized process, you can make a choice on what you do in your business. Turning your website into a lead generating machine is one of the many benefits of creating … Continue reading 11 Blog Ideas To Get New Leads From Your Website

How Web Design Impacts Your SEO

Does web design impact your search engine optimization? Absolutely. SEO has everything to do with your content, and the design of your site either benefits your website’s ranking or makes it harder to find. On-page SEO is one aspect of ensuring that your website shows up in search engines. We’re here to share what website … Continue reading How Web Design Impacts Your SEO

The Perks of Video Marketing 2015

Did you know this year is the year of video marketing? If you’re active on social media, then this is no shock to you and probably isn’t a surprising insight. Videos are all the rage, and reports are finding that businesses are reaping the benefits of using video marketing. As mentioned from Hubspot’s blog post … Continue reading The Perks of Video Marketing 2015

SEO v.s. Inbound Marketing

Search engine optimization! Inbound marketing! These are some of the latest buzzwords that you will hear from marketers, other business owners and even spammers warning you of impending doom if you don’t hire their services! (Don’t get us started on some of the scare tactics that spammers use…) Search engine optimization and inbound marketing are … Continue reading SEO v.s. Inbound Marketing

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