Logo Design Trends of 2015

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Just as in the world of fashion, design trends fluctuate. Certain styles or elements in design are favored throughout time but different unique elements come and go. Some popular trends from 2014 included Geo Wire Logos, Motion Logos, and Transparent Layered Logos.

2014 Logo Trends

2014 Trend Examples (photos from Wild Design, Cool Home Pages, and The Next Web)

Here are some logo trends for this upcoming year that are noteworthy. We think you’ll agree that these logo trends are pretty great.

Hand Lettered Logos

2015 will include logos made of hand drawn letters and words. This trend is not as surprising, as hand drawn type has become more and more popular these past few years. Simply search “hand lettered logos” on Google and you will get a slew of examples. What’s exciting about this trends is that there are many varying styles than can be accomplished by creating logos by hand. Some take on a calligraphic script style and others may fall under a brush lettering style.


Here is a great example of a Hand Lettered logo done by designer Mateusz Witczack on Behance.

Custom Letterforms

As designers strive to get more creative with letters, it’s predicted that many logos will contain custom letterforms, breaking away from the existing font structure. As many logos are letter-heavy (think of monograms, emblems, etc.), custom letterforms are a means of making a logo truly unique. Custom letterform designs are very elegant and can apply Gestalt principles, therefore taking advantage of positive and negative space.


Uppercase letters have gotten the limelight for long enough, and now it’s time for lowercase letters to shine. People often gravitate towards uppercase when creating logos because they capture attention. We’re not saying to do away with uppercases completely, as they do express power and confidence, yet lowercase logos are friendly and approachable as they are more casual. However, this you need to consider whether this casual feel is appropriate for your business and audience.

Omlet Logo

Omlet is a new “chat app” (originated from Silicon Valley) that uses all lowercase letters in their clean and sleek logo design.

Coupled Colors

Varying color styles and how to use color have gone in and out of fashion throughout history. Remember the 80’s and bright, multi-color graphics? Well, 2015 will be a year of logos containing a few colors, often two to three, in a monochromatic color scheme. This trend resonates with the current overall trend of simplicity rather than complexity. Two-tone logos are effective because it allows differentiation or separation of words using a simple visual element… color, that is. As the Omlet logo above contains two tasteful colors, we will see many more logos with a similar style gaining momentum in the near future.

Two Tone Logos

(photos from The Design Inspiration and 2 Experts Design)

At Designflair, we get really excited about logos. We’re looking forward to crafting unique, professional, and creative logos. Talk with us now to see what we can create for your company or business logo!

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