Marketing is An Ongoing Process

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How much time do you spend marketing your business? Chances are it’s not enough. Buffer reports that they spend at least 12 hours per week on social media marketing and that up to 40 hours may be appropriate. The amount of time you spend depends on the size of your business, yet the more marketing you do – the better. Marketing is absolutely crucial for any business and we’re here to tell you why you need to invest in ongoing marketing.

Marketing can understandably be a vague term; it encompasses much of a business’s activity. We at Designflair define marketing as promoting your business through uniquely designed materials.

Marketing is giving people a reason to buy your service or product. It’s proving the value of your business and demonstrating why people need it. It’s developing your place in your niche market.

Research has made it clear that marketing should be an ongoing process which allows your business to thrive. Marketing is the continual promoting of your business that looks different during certain seasons. It can be a postcard sent out to local homes, or a Facebook campaign to boost your online engagement and presence. It can be a magazine ad or a personal phone call to a client. No matter the means, continuity is key in marketing. Being consistent in your marketing is what will allow you to succeed.

The livelihood of your business is sustained by ongoing marketing. It equips your business for success and yields health and growth. James Archer from the user experience design firm Forty wisely wrote, “Marketing is food, not medicine… It’s the regular sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it—and keeps it there. You need it throughout the day, every day.” You need marketing; it is not an optional activity or one time fix. Stop promoting your business and you can expect it to be detrimentally impacted.

Here are just a few reasons why you should always be marketing:

  • Marketing sends a cohesive message about your business.

Marketing goes hand-in-hand with branding. As your brand identity is who you are, marketing is the use of your brand to convey a message and expand your business. We like to refer to marketing, branding and design as ‘the three musketeers’ and this is an example of how they compliment another; they work together to maintain the identity of your business. Think of them as a team of representatives, constantly speaking for your business to the work. Ongoing marketing allows for your brand to get out there.

  • Marketing prevents sickness from starting.

In the article from Forty mentioned above, Archer warns us about ‘reputation rot’ which occurs when a business doesn’t tend to developing their identity. Your business’s reputation is affected negatively. Ongoing marketing prevents a business from appearing stagnant.

Have you experienced a decline in sales or struggled with getting returning customers? A new marketing strategy is likely what you need to keep your business fresh and on people’s mind.

  • Marketing establishes client relationships for your business.

It’s the means by which client relationships begin and how those relationships are maintained. Many business are great at this when first starting out, however it’s easy to relax once your initial base is started. Keep your business growing by spreading word about your business. This can be a simple newsletter or a Twitter campaign. Are you going to a tradeshow or a conference? Bringing brochures with your businesses information can really improve your presentation. Connecting with people through marketing materials allows for an initial engagement and your lasting customers will appreciate your continued communication about your business.

Just as one invests in their health with a continued active lifestyle, ongoing marketing results in a healthy business. With much experience, we’re ready to come alongside you and your business’s marketing. We desire to see our client’s businesses thrive. Talk with us today to learn more about our marketing services.

Ongoing marketing is often more than a single project. We make ourselves available to you for idea development, strategizing, and feedback throughout the process. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter on marketing, coming out in early July!
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