What is Marketing? Why is it Important?

The definition of marketing is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, it’s stakeholders and society at large (Kerin, Hartley & Rudius. “Marketing, The Core”). Essentially this means that marketing is about creating products that are good for consumers and society at large. It is discovering the needs of … Read more

Customer Service Makes The Difference in Marketing Your Brand

Do you realize how much customer service affects your reputation and brand? When a consumer purchases a product, and everything goes as expected, their view of the product brand is hardly influenced. If that same consumer purchases a product and then discovers an issue or defect with that product, their view of the product decreases … Read more

Questions to Consider Before You Hire a Designer

Before approaching a graphic or web designer to start your next project, take a moment to consider your company, your product and what you want to achieve with this project, whether it is a logo design, a new website, a product flyer or a new corporate redesign. When starting a project, your designer should ask … Read more