Setting Up A Marketing System – How to Close a Sale With Ease

I recently started working with my ideal client – she is amazing!! She is an established business owner who knows her market and knows her goals in business…however, she was feeling overwhelmed in setting up her marketing to create her new program. She thought she needed 9 months to get it implemented and even that stressed her out. Now that we are working together, our timeline is 6 weeks!

Does this familiar? You know what you should be doing to market and create your lead and customer pipeline (or at least know that you should have one), but never seem to have the time to create it. Or else, it is so daunting that you put it off to the next day…and the next…and the next… suddenly it’s been several months and your marketing isn’t set up!

Imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and your marketing was setup: your offer, your website, your newsletter was all ready to go. You had beautifully designed, effective brochures to send to your potential clients and they were asking to have appointments with you! That’s what I help my customers with – creating the systems to run smoothly, targeted to speak to their ideal clients. Let’s look at what this involves.

What Does a Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Every business is unique, yet the foundation of marketing is the same. Serve your customers and help them solve the pain that is interfering with their lives. As heart-centered business owners, we truly care about our clients and want to make a difference in their lives. However, sharing this with them can be difficult at times, especially when you are trying to create the words for your own business.

The basic areas of your marketing program should look like this, where you are holding their hand every step of the way.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. Understanding Your Client
  4. Closing the Sale

Lead Generation

This is about being found by your ideal client, when they are looking for a way to solve their problem. Whether you are a retail store, a service-based business or a B2B business, this is an important factor in growing your business.

Lead Generation is about having the information/support your ideal clients are looking for to offer service, while showing that you are the best to help them solve their problem. This can be in the form of content on your blog, videos of YouTube, and a free offer on your website for them to download that goes into greater detail.

Lead Nurturing

The next step of this process is vitally important. How are you nurturing your leads once they encounter you? Are you expecting them to buy your product/service on the first contact? That can be like expecting someone to marry you after the first date! They need time to get to know you, trust you, and know that you can solve their problem.

How do you stay in contact with your leads? Is it by email newsletters? Do you have a private Facebook group they can join? Do you continue to provide advice and tips that help them move down the sales funnel and closer to hiring you? There is a definite process to creating the right content to help support your lead.

find peace with your marketing
Find peace in your marketing with a system, and expert support.

Understanding Your Client

Now is the time when you really get to know your client – you have an intro session/initial consultation/sales meeting! You get to hear directly from them what their concerns and problems are, where they are at, what they’ve tried and if they are a good fit for you or your products.

In addition, you can prep them for this meeting by providing more information about yourself, answering FAQs, and presenting yourself as an expert resource – all before you talk! This is where a marketing system to close the sale extremely helpful. When you have all the pieces setup ahead of time, meeting with new clients and selling yourself becomes less intimidating and so much easier!

Closing the Sale

The final step in creating a customer from your marketing is to close the sale! Do you have a process that you lead them through that helps them determine whether you are the best fit for them as well?

Do you know how to close the sale authentically, with love, without being pushy? All of this can be created to help streamline your business and improve customer sales while serving with your heart.

I love marketing! If you have questions about this, or would love to reduce your stress and headaches by getting support with this, contact me.

I offer a full range of services, from one-off strategy sessions, to marketing coaching services where I advise you and create a plan of action for you to implement, to marketing consulting services where I help you create the plan and then implement it for you so that you don’t have to. That way you can focus on your strengths in your business.

How to Create an Income When Your Business Has Been Forced to Close (Due to Coronavirus)

Coronavirus Marketing Ideas - When Business is Closed

It’s devastating – your business has been forced to shut its doors as a non-essential service and what can you do now?

I’ve compiled a list of some marketing ideas that may work for your business. These are all general ideas and work best when modified to suit your unique situation, clients, and options.

I’m also offering free business & strategy sessions to business owners that have been forced to close their doors as my way to give back, and hopefully help generate some income until you can practice again.

These are suggestions specifically for service businesses such as massage therapists, hair stylists, salons & estheticians, mechanics, dog groomers, etc. but can also be applied to other businesses.

Ways to Create Income

1. Gift cards – Offer discounted gift cards now, to be used as soon as your doors are open. Yes, you will not be getting full profit for them, but it will help bring in some income now. Depending on your need and profit margin, you can do staggered sales of a limited amount of more severely discounted gift cards up to regular discounts. These could be one-offs or larger packages of services. (Space out your time so that once you are running, part of your week is for these clients and part is reserved for new business/regular prices as well.)

2. Monthly VIP client packages – Create a monthly VIP client package, again offered at discounted rates now that offer bonus services to clients in the future. If they are paying monthly, it is less upfront for them now but they get more for their money in the future, plus they know they are helping your business stay afloat. (On that note, share the reason behind your specials and discounts. People do business with you because they know, like and trust you. Share how this is a way to maintain your business and income and how it helps them).

3. Selling products – If you have products related to your services, now is the time to focus on them. Create packages/kits that help tide clients over until they can see you again.

4. Online tutorials – The challenge is there are a lot of other people doing this at the moment now, so you need to focus on the relationship you have with your customer base. They trust you and love you so they would prefer to work with and support you rather than some other random stranger (again, having the correct positive mindset).

5. Home delivery/Pickup – Helping encourage your clients to stay home by offering what would be considered VIP services, such as picking up or dropping of supplies or products. I know a mechanic who is picking up cars, taking them to his shop to work on them, and then delivering them back to the customers driveway to maintain health standards.

6. Change the way you offer service interaction – If you are still operating but clients have dropped off then share with them ways you have increased your social distancing and are taking precautions. Maybe a dog groomer has clients tie their dogs up outside the location and then the owner comes out and collects them. Or maybe it is now a pickup service to get the dog right from their door.

General Marketing Tips

Share your story and journey. We are all in this together and many of your customers want to support you. Let them know that your business is closed and it has shut off your main source of income and that you appreciate them and would love to continue to service them in the future so are offering discounted packages now to help you stay afloat and they get extra value for their money in the future.

What’s in it for them? Clearly explain how this is a benefit for them as well. While they want to help you, knowing that they are getting extra services or greater savings than normal will encourage them to make the purchase now.

Maximize different media. Update your website with ways that you are supporting your clients or pivoting in order to continue to serve them. Contact your customers on your email list with an update on what you are doing and offer information how you can help them. Include your specials in here as well.

These are just a few general ideas, and may or may not work for your business. Some may need to be modified but I wanted to throw these out so that you can begin brainstorming ways to keep your business going as well.

Coronavirus Marketing Ideas - When Business is Closed

How to Grow Your Business and Get More Clients During COVID-19 & Social Distancing

empty San Francisco city streets from COVID-19

empty San Francisco city streets from COVID-19With social distancing practices, almost all businesses have been affected in some way. With repercussions ranging between a full business shut-down, to working remotely from home or to changing their way of delivering their product or service, no one has escaped unscathed. So, what can you do to keep your business growing when there is such a drastic change in our way of lives?

  • Mindset
  • Current Clients
  • Pivot Your Business
  • Explore New Marketing Tactics
  • Look for New Clients

Do You Believe You Can Grow?

The first thing you must ensure is that you know there is still a functioning economy and that business is still going; there is a need for your services. The economy is still in motion, just in a different way of life than we are used to. You must approach this situation with an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset.

How do you do this? It sounds simple but simple does not always mean easy. Your beliefs are deep-seated and created through your life so it can take time and thought (and outside help) to create the beliefs that will help you move forward.

Know that there are opportunities available & make a list of all the ways you could bring money in RIGHT NOW. Get creative and don’t just focus on your current business services – what are ways that you can create income by yourself and your skills. Let’s explore this together and ensure that you are steering your business with the right mindset.

Reach Out To Your Clients

The first thing you want to do is reach out to your existing client base. If you need to adjust your business practices, let them know via email or even a call if it that is best.

In addition, you may want to update your website to address new practices or to address COVID-19 in relation to your purchasing process.

Do you now only offer trunk-side drop off or delivery? Are you able to take clients on a virtual tour or meet virtually? Be proactive in letting your clients know how your business is adjusting.

Need some help implementing this? I can update your website or help set up an email system for your to stay in contact with your clients. Message me!

Marketing Tactics

The best thing you can do is go back to basics. Marketing is about helping your clients find your services/products to fulfill their pain or need.

Revisit who your customers are and what is their need at this time. How can you best support them? Is it to continue doing as you have? Or is it time to approach a tried and true situation more creatively.

Is their need for your product or service changing? Is there a greater demand or has it become a non-essential at the moment? Is there a way you can help them realize that it is something they want?

A strong business also has a magnetic message and pipeline that they are taking their leads through as part of their customer journey. Be sure to include nurturing your current leads (and gaining new leads) as an important part of your marketing in this process. These contacts have already expressed interest in your business in one way or another and are some of the lowest hanging fruit in your business pipeline.

Each business is unique, but I get excited exploring the ways that marketing can be applied to your unique situation. Contact me today to discuss how you can pivot your business marketing.

Do You Know How to Pivot Your Business?

We are currently in a time that is forcing us to a new way of living. There is much less physical connection and more online connection. This could mean exploring new ways of reaching your target market online, or adjusting your services to better meet our current style of sheltering in place. This is where you need to get creative.

Are there new ways that you can offer your services? Some businesses are now offering trunk-side delivery or picking up and dropping off right to their customers’ doors.

  • Can you create a digital version of your service?
  • Can you simplify your offering?
  • Can you adjust to meet the demand of the market?


If it isn’t possible to create a new opportunity in your current business, what do you need to do to keep afloat. Does that mean start a different service offering? Or picking up a job to have some stable income while you wait? There is no one right answer, but I am here to help you brainstorm and discuss what could be the best solution for you. Contact me today for a Business Strategy Review.

New Ways to Find Clients

Less people are outdoors and stuck at home means there is more social media usage. With the change in our way of life, there has been a major shift in shopping from hyperlocal and retail based to online again, especially when many of the stores are out of stock. Is there something you can do to make life easier for your clients? Consider where you have been marketing and what has changed in their behavior to change where you are meeting your clients.

Client Persona - Download Now

3 Steps To Better Website Marketing

There are two ways to improve your marketing on your website and both are extremely important for growing your business through increased clients and sales.

1) Review how you use your website to attract clients (to get leads)
2) Review how you actually market your website (to get traffic)

You may be wondering why I focus on the website itself first when it is further down the marketing funnel than marketing your website (it is about creating leads from the traffic you already have). However, you cannot get quality traffic to your website without first having the right content on your website.

Website Marketing - Attract Your Ideal Client

1. Set a Goal For Your Website

Websites can have many different purposes, they can be purely informational, they can be a lead gathering source, they can position you as an expert in your field, they can be educational, they can build trust, they can sell your products and services, and many more opportunities!

The first thing you must do is know why you are creating a website. What is the goal for your website?

If it is purely informational, then all you need is to ensure you have the right content to share what your sales team or customers need to know.

If it is a lead generating source, you need to have the right content on there to magnetically attract clients. You also need to have a marketing system in place on how you will attract clients to your website (Search Engine Optimization).

If you are selling on your website, you must ensure that you have a smooth, user-friendly buying process. Is it easy for customers to find what they want? Is the payment process simple, secure and trustworthy to your customers?

Once you know your website goal, you can then build a plan to create that.

2. Create Content That Appeals to Your Ideal Client

Success! You have potential clients coming to your website (strangers, networking contacts & referrals, etc.). Now you must check that your message speaks to them. If you have content on your website that is unclear either in what you do, or what action your visitor should take, you will lose business opportunities.

The reason I consider you website content marketing more important is that you must have a website that serves it’s purposes and converts the traffic you are receiving. If you focus on marketing your website to get more traffic and then can’t convert them, it was all a waste of effort and money.

You convert traffic on your website by understanding your ideal client persona to create messaging that addresses their paint points and offers a solution that compels them to sign up with you. (No you aren’t brainwashing them, you are just letting them know that you understand them and CAN help them.) Understanding and creating magnetic content for your ideal client leads to a more qualified lead and a higher closing rate in sales.

3. Market Your Website on the Internet

The next step to improving your website marketing is to get it to show higher on the correct search terms for your business. The art to this is understanding the phrases that your ideal clients are using, and optimizing their use throughout your website in order to be found for those search terms.

These terms are called long-tail keywords and a recommended for several reasons. The first is that there is so much content on the internet that you need to find a way to stand out. You have a higher chance of being found for “real estate attorney in Eugene” than you do for “real estate attorney” because it is more specific and localized. Another example is “smooth Italian olive oil” rather than just “olive oil”.

You want to be specific so that you are found by your ideal client, rather than everyone (everyone is less likely to close than your ideal client). You also have less competition the more specific your keywords are, and therefore are more likely to be found in the top results.

The most important thing to remember with SEO is that search engines want to show the right content that their customers are looking for. You improve search rankings by producing the results (information, products, etc.) that you promise so that your visitors stay on your website.

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Have questions? Schedule your Get Acquainted session by contacting me. Can’t wait to hear more about your situation and see if I can help!


Don’t Waste Your Money On Marketing – Create Magnetic Marketing

As a savvy and successful business owner, you know that marketing is essential to growing your business. In fact, it is the single most important thing you can do. Understanding who your ideal client is and how you help them is vital so that you can ensure you meet the needs of your current customers too!

The purpose of marketing is to understand your clients so that you can authentically add value and solve their problems.

3 Most Common Mistakes in Marketing

These are the three most common areas that you can go wrong in marketing are your message, medium or market. This is because they are the three areas of marketing.

Media, Market, Message Venn Diagram

Message – When you don’t know specifically how you help them, you can’t speak clearly to those you can best help. Your marketing Message should be magnetic, attracting your ideal clients because you understand and can speak exactly to their needs.

Medium – If you have the most compelling Message, yet put it where your ideal clients are not, how will you attract them? The Medium is where you place your marketing message; it affects who sees your Message.

Market – If you don’t know who you actually best serve, you are missing your Market. Your Market is your ideal client, the person whom you are talking to. By understanding who it is you best serve, you can write a message that is targeted to attract them and put it in a place (medium) where they will see it.

Knowing your market helps you better ask for referrals in networking: “I help anyone who is looking to buy a house” vs “My ideal client is a recent widow who is overwhelmed by her loss, is in a house that is too big for her and wants to downsize.”

In this scenario, ‘anyone’ probably does not make you think of a qualified referral, whereas the second one will help you visualize a referral immediately if you know someone in that situation. The goal is not to serve everyone, that means more work because you are funneling a larger selection of less qualified leads for a lower closing rate. Instead, the ideal goal is to have a smaller pool of highly qualified leads for a higher closing rate – all for less work!

How To Find the Right Message, Medium & Market

Your Ideal Client Persona, or Avatar, is the single most important foundation you can create for your marketing. Why is that? Because when you understand who your ideal client is, and how you serve them, you can create the messaging to appeal to them and use it in the right place.

When you address your client’s pain points and offer a solution to them, in the form of a story (because stories are memorable and people make decisions on emotion), then you will work with those that you can best help. The purpose of marketing is not to manipulate people, but instead to understand them so that you can authentically add value and solve their problems.

Client Persona - Download Now

2 Tools to Create Delighted Customers for Life: Marketing Funnel & Customer Journey Map

Do you have potential clients running up begging to work for you? Do you ‘wow’ your customers and clients? Do you have a process to make sure that every client gets the same, excellent experience while working with you (every time!)?

If you’re not certain of any of these answers, you want to create a Marketing Funnel & Client Journey Map and how you interact with visitors to turn them into leads; leads to turn them into prospects; prospects to turn them into customers; and then customers to turn them into referral sources for your business.

The Marketing Funnel

You’ve probably seen or heard about some aspect of the customer journey, the marketing funnel. This follows the process that you grow your business by turning an unknown audience into your customers.

The Marketing Funnel to Create Lasting ClientsAt each touch point, your goal is to provide value and demonstrating your expertise in your field, so that they see you as a valued resource and the person they want to work with when they are ready to act.

This process also includes helping them realize that they need to take action and motivate them to take it as quickly as possible (dependent on how powerful their pain points are). This process is important to ensuring that you are addressing your potential clients’ needs, concerns and pains at each step of the buying process.

The Customer Journey

Have you ever considered and planned out the touch points that your client has with your business? This is a larger blanket that includes not only the pieces of the Marketing Funnel, but also a deeper understanding of your Client Personas to best address their needs.

Whereas a Marketing Funnel is very linear, rigid and is more of an overall process for how leads will move down the funnel to becoming a client, the Customer Journey is much more customer centric and can be a more fluid process. It becomes a map of a customer’s journey through interactions with your business.

What Do You Need to Know to Better Address Your Customers?

Creating a Customer Journey Map means understanding your client personas: their motivations, desires, hopes, dreams, plus the pains and fears that you can help them overcome. A client persona is the foundational step for any branding or marketing process. To truly speak to your clients, you need to understand them.

Looking for more help with this process? The first step is creating your Ideal Client Persona (aka Avatar).

Know How You Can Interact With Clients

Consider the touch points you have with customers, places that they learn more about your business or even interact directly with you.

  • Your Website/Blog
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Free Guides/White Papers
  • Google/Yahoo/Bing Business Listings
  • Review Sites: Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  • Friends and Family
  • Phone Calls
  • Referral Sites
  • Speaking Events
  • Networking Events
  • Tech Support Calls/Connections with Your Staff


And more! Any interaction with your company or brand is part of this process and it is why branding is so valuable too. This process continues even once they are clients and should include looking at your customer service process and interactions.

3 Steps to Get Your Time Back AND Increase Your Income

“Help! I’m Spending More Time in My Business but The Results Don’t Match!”

I hear this problem often with solopreneurs and small business owners. Your business grows and there are more activities to take on throughout the day…but your income doesn’t seem to be matching the increased results.

Have you ever experienced this? I know that I have had times in my business as well like that. I was so crazy busy and had so many projects going at once, yet all I felt was stressed out rather than successful. It’s the catch-22 of being a business owner.

The challenge I find is that there needs to be more systems in your business, and focused time management in your day. These are my first tips to getting your business back on track and finding the results you are looking for.

3 Steps to Get Your Time Back AND Increase Your Income

1. Focus on your strengths (and your income producing activities)

Are you the best sales person in your team? Do you know the product best and have the highest success rate in meeting customers needs? This is where you should be spending your time and effort.

Rather than expanding your sales force so that you can spend more time managing or in the office, have you considered hiring an admin or backend support staff so that you can spend more time in the field, where you produce the best results.

Look at your tasks this week and month and write down a list of everything that you do. Then put a + sign next to every activity that leads to more income (whether a sales appointment, client check-in, generating new leads, etc.) and a * sign next to every activity that you excel at that is tied to creating more income. (You may be amazingly organized and great at filing papers, but that is not where your skills are best used as a business owner.)

2. Delegate Your Admin and Non-Essential Tasks

Delegating can seem like a tricky process. Sometimes you feel like you are hiring someone before you are ready to pay for them, but by creating the space in your day you will be able to maximize the time for more income producing activities.

This can start small…hire a VA (virtual assistant) to help with project management, email management or bookkeeping. Hire someone part-time to come into your office 1x a week or 1x a month to organize the paperwork and projects that you have running.

Sometimes in the process of expanding yourself, and creating a larger sales force, you may actually step out of the sales role. Analyze this and decide if this is the best way to delegate yourself out. To do this, often requires having thorough training process and an extensive handbook.

3. Automate Your Marketing

By this I mean that you are creating systems in your marketing that save you time while reaching more customers. Marketing is key to your business but can also be overwhelming if you take on too many activities at once (from networking, speaking, creating content, offering free guides, blogging, building relationships) then you can be overwhelmed as it all takes time.

One of the easiest marketing systems you can automate is your website and your lead funnel process. Technology today is amazing! The ability to stay in contact with your leads and continue to add value so that they grow to trust you, is invaluable!

This ranges from automating email responders, creating a Customer/Client Journey Map of the touch points and connections you have with them through the sales process, and knowing your ideal client so that your message speaks directly to them. This is my favorite part of working with any client…understanding their clients and discovering the best way to reach their ideal clients!

Client Persona - Download Now

Two Biggest Roadblocks for Businesses To Earn More Money & Thrive

Every business is unique, yet similar in that most businesses suffer from the same types of problems as they work to grow and expand. The biggest breakdown is in the branding & marketing process. These can be can be broken down into 2 main areas:

  1. Not enough income
  2. Not enough leads


  • • Not enough income can be caused by mistakes in branding, marketing and even pricing.
  • • Not enough leads are caused by a lack of activity or a lack of system to entice and process new potential leads.
  • • Not enough leads are also a cause of not enough income.

business woman reviewing leads at computer

Not Enough Income

The problem with not enough income can stem from:

  • • Poor branding
  • • Poor marketing
  • • Poor service/product packaging

Poor branding means that a business is not able to properly stand out from their competition, or it may even be that their brand is hurting them by portraying a lack of quality, or even the wrong message.

Poor marketing could be that the message is incorrect to attract their target market. Maybe they are too general and broad, or maybe what they feel is their ideal clients’ largest concern may actually not be correct. They may be selling the wrong message or targeting the wrong people for their service/product.

Poor service/product packaging happens when a company sets the price of their service or products, but may not correctly charge for them. They may be offering one-off services that could be better packaged in recurring services to ensure their clients receive the best results.

Branding and marketing go hand in hand and I love to work on these types of problems. Contact me for a FREE Brand & Marketing Audit to see if I can help your business.

Not Enough Leads

The problem of not enough leads can be caused by:

  • • Not enough lead generation activity
  • • Not having a marketing system or funnel to attract leads

When a business is not creating enough activity to build a source of leads, they will not be able to build a strong client base. Without a strong client base, this can also lead into not enough income.

When I talk about lead generation activity, I’m talking about the marketing pie.

Not enough lead generation activity means that in order to generate leads, someone in the business needs to be going out and meeting people (networking, speaking, door-to-door cold calling, getting referrals to new potential clients) that could be your potential client (or could introduce you to a potential ideal client).

In the online realm, this could mean creating new content (blogs, white papers, press releases) that has been search engine optimized to attract ideal clients interested in the topic you are talking about. Each business can choose the areas that are strongest for them, based on their ideal client, but should at least be looking at the marketing pie to create their own custom lead generation strategy.

Not having a marketing system or funnel to attract leads means that lead information gathering may be haphazard or inefficient. To maximize your website, a valuable free offer/guide will encourage users already on your site to sign up for more information from you. Once you have their contact details, you then add them to a layering process in the form of an email campaign where you are providing more information as an expert resource, in order to create more trust for your brand.

Looking for help to create systems in your business for more consistent leads (and income!)? Contact me for a FREE initial consultation.

Not Getting Enough Leads in Your Business? Time for a Business Marketing Audit

One of the most common frustrations with business owners or business managers is not getting enough leads in their business. The challenge here is that there is not a one size fits all solution when you are trying to get more clients. The good side though, is that there are many proven solutions to marketing that can be customized to best suit your business. 

Magnetically Attracting Ideal Clients

I approach the challenge to leads through a marketing point of view because marketing creates the most results with less work over the long term. Marketing is about magnetically attracting your ideal clients to you, so that they are more highly qualified and are asking to hire you! To see results like this, you need to completely understand your ideal client, know their pain points and triggers, and know specifically what they are looking for and the solution you can offer. In addition, you then need a targeted sales funnel that is educating them while they are receiving free advice or support from you.

Think of marketing as the marketing pie. There are many different actions and activities you can take, but you need to determine what percentage of each will make up your marketing pie.

Marketing Pie - Marketing Activities

Marketing Audit

One of my favorite activities is sitting down with clients to review their current marketing, and brainstorm ideas to create an overall strategy for their marketing plan that best targets their ideal clients.

Sometimes business owners are too close to their business, or just need an external mind to see their situation from a unique angle or to bounce ideas off of. Designflair’s Marketing Audit is a process that results in identifying your ideal client, creating an ideal client persona, developing a marketing matrix so that you marketing materials are highly targeted and focused on your ideal client and a strategy of activities laid out for you to implement (or hire Designflair to implement for you).

Our initial 30 minute consultation for your Marketing Audit is free, so there’s no risk for you and every chance that you can have a more targeted marketing message and generate more of the right leads, for your business. Contact Designflair for your free Marketing Audit Consultation.

What is Designflair’s Ideal Project & Client?

One of the first questions I ask my client is who are you targeting (Who is your ideal client?) and what are you offering them (what is your ideal project?)?

I’ll share my own answer of my ideal client and project.

The Sweet Spot: Media, Message & Market

As a graphic designer, I’ve always looked at the bigger picture of what I am doing. I’m not just creating a pretty looking logo, website or brochure to make your business look professional; I’m developing a piece that is intended to help your business grow by attracting ideal new clients.

This involves not only the visual image (media), but also the message and the right audience (market).

Anyone error in these three areas and an otherwise well developed campaign can flop, but hit all of them right and you have the sweet spot of a successful campaign or project that compels your ideal client to reach out and work with you because you are able to solve their exact challenge or problem.

Media, Market, Message Venn Diagram

I look at this as a puzzle to be solved. How can I get into the heads of your ideal clients and know what they are thinking? What pain they have in their lives that you have the exact solution to?

To many, this is marketing, but I consider it such an integral part of any project that I don’t separate it out from the original design project. Here’s a little break down between Marketing and Branding.

What is Marketing?

  • The process of promoting the value of a product or service in order to get someone to buy it.
  • Marketing is the message you use to promote you product or service; what you say and how you say it to explain how awesome your product or service is and why people should pay for it.

What is Branding?

  • A brand is a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, product, service, individual or organization.
  • If a brand results from a set of associations and perceptions in people’s minds, then branding is an attempt to harness, generate, influence and control these associations to help the business perform better.

 Why Are Both Important?

  • Branding alone does not make someone buy your product or service, but it does help you stand out from the competition.
  • Marketing can be used to push or pull customers to buy your product or service, but it is not what differentiates you from your competitors.

Who is my ideal client?

I love to work with new or emerging business owners who are running their own practice, or building to a business of 10 or fewer.

They struggle with marketing their business effectively.

They would like to get a lot more new and recurring clients, without having to work so hard.

What is my ideal project?

Working with my clients as part of their team to really understand the minds of their ideal clients, then developing creative and innovative ways to have them visible everywhere so that their clients just have to contact them to schedule a meeting.

From there, then developing the message, content and graphics to bring those marketing pieces to life.

Essentially, I love the strategy process to develop a marketing campaign and then taking those ideas into print and digital branding.

Examples of this include (but are not limited to):

  • Designing a website for a new business and creating the homepage content that will then be transferred to their print brochures
  • Creating a more effective business card with actual pain points of clients
  • Redesigning a website for an existing business who now better understands their clients and wants to add more features
  • Developing a campaign brand for a seasonal sale or product launch