What Makes an Effective Call to Action: Converting Viewers Into Customers

A Call to Action (CTA) is an image, text, or button that you position throughout your blog, newsletter, or other piece of content on your website. Their goal is to attract clicks by showing your viewers an irresistible offer or idea. The best Calls to Action are short and sweet, like a tagline, but they … Continue reading What Makes an Effective Call to Action: Converting Viewers Into Customers

Automotive Online Marketing Essentials: Target Markets vs. Buyer Personas

Automotive online marketing is essential. It’s not just a way to reach new customers, it’s how you drive long-lasting word of mouth business. When potential customers go online to do research about their automotive problems, your business should be right there in front of them to make an impression of professionalism and trustworthiness. But how? 

Small Business Marketing & Storytelling: Build Your Brand With a Compelling Story

Small business marketing is both a subtle art and an analysis-informed science. Data tells you how you’ve performed, and ongoing strategy drives growth in the future. Your small business’ name, logo, marketing materials, and the language you use to describe yourself to potential customers make up the foundation. 

Bring in New Accounting Clients by Telling the Right Story on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the New Norm Your ideal accounting clients are online using social media to share ideas, information, and build relationships.

4 Best Practices for Starting SEO on Your Automotive Shop’s Website

As we have been working with local automotive businesses in the TriValley, and taking a look at the market, we’re noticing that many small business owners are missing out on a competitive edge by not having up-to-date web marketing. 

9 Tips to Bring Your Marketing Back to Life

Reanimate Your Image Keep up with the times! Update your look to stay relevant with a new logo, business cards and stationary.

Turn Your Law Firm’s Business Plan into an Effective Marketing Plan

A law firm’s business plan can look very different depending on what kind of law you practice. Whether you are a tax attorney, trust and estate lawyer, civil defense lawyer, real estate attorney, or practice in any other legal field, the goals and interests you cover in your business plan probably vary greatly. No matter … Continue reading Turn Your Law Firm’s Business Plan into an Effective Marketing Plan

Writing a Law Firm Marketing Newsletter Your Clients Will Actually Read

proven-marketing-tips-to-get-new-customers   Have you considered writing a newsletter for your law firm, but are not quite sure how it will help you build a strong client base for the future?

4 Ways a Better Understanding of Your Automotive Customers Will Drive Sales

We’ve been working with several automotive clients (auto detailing & PDR) in the Tri-Valley area with some amazing successes! So we thought it was time to share our experiences and knowledge. Specifically, about identifying and attracting your ideal clients.

Overcoming Content Overload and Blogging To Get the Right Leads

As we’ve explained previously, blogging is an important element to both search engine optimization and Inbound Marketing. However, most businesses now understand the value of creating content and we are reaching a point of content overload. If EVERYONE is writing blogs, what do you need to do to stand out from the competition?