Signs I Really Need A New Website? Website Redesign Quiz

A question we often get from our clients is How can I get more customer calls? One way to ensure that potential customers and clients can find you is by having an updated, appealing and compelling website design.

So what does it mean to have a great website? How can you attract customers through your website?

Functional design is a large part of making a great site. In order to grow your business, your website should be easy to navigate so that people searching the web can easily find out more about who you are and what you do. Read about this and other tips in our 25 Website Must-Haves!.

A well-designed site should not only function properly, but also needs a great design layout. The placement of information and elements on your website should be logical and coherent. Important elements like your contact information and the navigation menu should be easy to find. Text should be readable and consistent throughout the site.

A great website is also an ambassador for your brand identity. Having a strong brand identity allows you stand out from competition and reach your target market. This includes your brand voice (the tone of messages), your design elements (color, type, style) and how you interact with your audience. All of these things come into play on your business website, which is why you want to make sure your website is effectively reflecting your business.

A great website allows you to establish your brand identity, reach your target market and grow your business.


Signs You Need A New Website

How do you know if your website is not up to par? Just as there are many symptoms you can have from getting a cold, there are many signs that may be warning you it’s time for a new website.

If you’re not sure, we developed a quick checklist that can help you determine if you need a website re-design. Pull up your business site and go through each point on our checklist below.



What were your results from our website redesign checklist?

As you can see, if you answered “yes” for most of the points, then your site is in pretty good shape. This is a good place to be, but there is always room for improvement. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can develop your site into an inbound marketing machine and increase those business calls you’ve been waiting for.

On the other hand, if you answered “no” to many of the points then it’s time to get your website into tip-top shape. There are many reasons why a website can be in need of an overhaul. Whether it’s just been outdated for years, or you’re not getting new traffic – we can meet you where you’re at and figure out what website design is best for your business. We get really excited about marketing, branding and design and can ensure your website is attracting new customers.

What is the Value of A New Website?

We know what you’re thinking… A website redesign is going to cost me money!

Well here are some quick facts about web design and how it greatly correlates to your business’ success. According to Stanford University research, “people quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone.” So much of consumer research is done online these days, and people are judging your business by your website. If your website has a poor design, that could likely explain why you are not getting customer calls.

Marketing experts at Hubspot report that “73% of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016.” This means even if you don’t care about your website, your competitors likely care about theirs and will get business instead. This statistic also shows that marketers are discovering more and more that inbound marketing is worth it. Marketing is no longer about cold calls and pushing your business on people, but is about drawing your target market in with engaging content. We don’t get tired of saying it – Content is king!

A great website is worth the investment because it will allow you to generate leads, get customer calls, and expand your business.



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