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How Infographics Grow Your Business

Marketing your business in a highly digital and networked era is based on creating engaging and informative content for your clients and target market. In the past we’ve discussed how to create search engine optimized content and how to produce content for social media. Today we’re going to take things beyond the text and discuss … Continue reading How Infographics Grow Your Business

The International Style & Modern Graphic Design

Helvetica… you’ve probably heard of it. Helvetica is an extremely popular and common, sans-serif typeface that arose in the late 1950’s as a move away from the ornate, and “grotesque” style of typefaces that were typically used in Germany. Helvetica was one of the typefaces that emerged out of the International Style, which is also … Continue reading The International Style & Modern Graphic Design

Choosing the Best Font for Your Website

We’ve mentioned much of the importance of having a website for your business, and a well-designed site at that. Websites are the first place people go to find out more information about your business. A crucial part of your branding, a website is an ambassador for your business. It’s an opportunity to make a lasting … Continue reading Choosing the Best Font for Your Website

The Value of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The stats are in; smartphones have been taking the lead for internet usage, leaving the number of desktop searches behind. According to studies done last year, mobile device internet use has surpassed desktop use. If you are a business owner, your website must be mobile-friendly to ensure the success and online visibility of your website. … Continue reading The Value of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

What is ‘Design’ to Designflair?

We do design. What does that mean? When we say the word “design” a million things may come to mind, and it likely varies for each person. One person may think of web design, and another industrial design. The discipline of design is expansive. As people who design daily, here is what design is to … Continue reading What is ‘Design’ to Designflair?

Why You Need Branding

It may seem that only certain companies need branding, but truly no business can be successful without it. What is branding? A brand identity is a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, service, product, individual, or organization. Therefore, branding is using that identity to communicate your message … Continue reading Why You Need Branding

3 Crucial Characteristics of Stunning Web Design

As we spend more and more time on the web, the importance of great website design becomes apparent. Website design is particularly crucial for businesses and companies who need a site to communicate to their customers. We’re going to discuss what elements make for beautiful and functional website design and look to modern and innovative … Continue reading 3 Crucial Characteristics of Stunning Web Design

Logo Design Trends of 2015

Just as in the world of fashion, design trends fluctuate. Certain styles or elements in design are favored throughout time but different unique elements come and go. Some popular trends from 2014 included Geo Wire Logos, Motion Logos, and Transparent Layered Logos. 2014 Trend Examples (photos from Wild Design, Cool Home Pages, and The Next Web) … Continue reading Logo Design Trends of 2015

The Power of A Logo

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.  Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” – Dieter Rams, legendary German designer Logos are everywhere, all day long, whether or not you realize it. There are logos on the sides of trucks, passing us on the freeway; the lunch you had today likely came from … Continue reading The Power of A Logo

Building a Creative About Us Page

Remember the last time you worked on your own website? Maybe you created your own content, spending hours trying to convey your services in a way that would appeal to your customers. Or maybe you hired a copywriter to get the words just right – creating the message with an insider’s knowledge but an outsider’s point … Continue reading Building a Creative About Us Page