Tips for Being Productive at Work! Pt.1

We all want to be more productive, right? Open up the applications on your computer or smartphone; You likely have a group of apps called ‘Productivity.’ On my Macbook, for example, in the group labeled ‘Productivity’ lies a calculator, text editor and dictionary applications. Yet, I never use any of these things while I’m at work or trying to get things done.

Merriam-webster defines “productive” as “having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance.To us, being productive is getting the “right” things done efficiently and not being distracted by the little things that burden us.

So how can we increase productivity? What tools truly allow us to get more work done and to be efficient? When spending a lot of time in an office everyday, you want that time to be worth it. Or maybe you’re constantly running from one meeting to another and struggling to accomplish all that you set out to do. We’re all familiar with hitting that 3 o’clock wall.

We’ve been gathering information on productivity and researched what tips really work. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing our favorite productivity tips! For each productivity tip, we mention practical ways to help you implement them to your life and specific applications (because we love technology) to enhance your productivity. Try these out and let us know what works for you!

1. Start the day off right

Two of the common (and possibly over-mentioned) tips for being productive are getting more sleep and eating a good breakfast. We’ve heard these suggestions and read many articles about the benefits of a good night’s sleep and eating healthy. Although they are common, they are not overrated. The reason these suggestions are made so often is that they allow us to start the day off right (and because so few of us actually do these).

When we’re well-rested and are fueled by the right foods, we’re less likely to get off task or make rash decisions. Ever heard of the term “hangry”, where you are so hungry you become irrationally angry? I think we’ve all been there. Add lack of sleep to that equation and you’ve got one grumpy worker.

According to an article from Fortune magazine, “The World Health Organization shows that the right nutrition can increase productivity levels by as much as 20%.” Begin each day with a proper breakfast, and you’ll be fueled for work. Studies have found that there is a direct connection between what foods you eat and how your brain functions. Start with a killer breakfast after getting a good night’s sleep and you’ll pretty much be like the Energizer bunny.

Take Action:

  • Prep breakfast and lunch the night before. Try some of these healthy breakfast recipes that won’t break your bank!
  • Skimping sleep? Check out this list of healthy foods from Healthline for when you’re feeling sluggish. Eating right can help counter-balance any fatigue.
  • To get a better night’s sleep, avoid technology for about an hour before you want to hit the hay. Studies have been showing that the screens of our beloved phones, tablets and laptops prevent us from falling asleep!


    • Sleep Time – “Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock, Sleep Tracker with Sleep Cycle Analysis and Soundscape for Better Sleep” This app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at a time when you’re not in a deep sleep. It will always wake you up before your final alarm and the alarm will still sound when your phone is on silent. There are lots of fun options in this app, like setting your alarm to your favorite song.
    • Pzizz Sleep App – “Solve sleep problems, get stress relief, boost energy!” Pzizz creates a special to “ease you into a deep calm sleep.”
    • Twilight –  Use this app to get a better night’s sleep. It enhances the experience of reading on your phone by filtering out blue light, which has been found to interfere with our circadian rhythms.
    • App – “Recipes, shopping lists & meal plans.” Planning out your meals is made so much easier with this app. You can check out new recipes, save money by comparing items at grocery stores, and organize meals and the calendar feature.

2. Pick a Focus Word

A large part of being productive is reminding yourself of your purpose and intentions. Remembering why you do what you do will keep you motivated! Following that, picking a focus word and writing it down can keep you going throughout the day. That word can be “sincerity” or “integrity”. A focus word will spark your memory of your intentions and will change your attitude, similar to using positive affirmations. It’s reminds you of the why so that you can stay on track with your larger goal. Think of your goal for the day, choose a word, and focus on it.

Taylor University’s Women’s and Men’s Cross Country teams read the book “One Word that Will Change Your Life” and decided to pick a focus word for their team. They chose the word “finish” – which helped fuel their passion for running. They enjoyed using the word so much that they added it to their motto: “Fun, Fearless, Faith and Finish.” You can read more about their story online.

Take Action:

  • Write your word down! Grab a sticky note and put it on your computer or desk to keep your focus word visible. Use a planner? Write it in there.
  • Share your focus word with others. Speaking your word out loud will keep it on the front of your mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll encourage your co-workers!


  •  – This is a great application for task management in general! This app can be used to remind yourself of your focus word. Create a new task, enter your word, and set a reminder to go off in the middle of your work day.


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Staying on task is hard these days; We are constantly pulled away from our work by our vibrating phones, social media notifications, and even our coworkers. A writer from Entrepreneur wisely said, “Productivity is all about efficiency — doing more, faster and with less.”

We hope these tips help you conquer your work, leaving you feeling more satisfied at the end of the day. Next week we’ll be discussing the infamous “To-Do” list and more, so stay tuned for part two of this series! You can also check out our Pinterest board on productivity.


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