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by Michelle B. on Designflair

I've had the pleasure of working with and for Alyssa and Lily for 5 years now. Their attention to detail, professionalism, industry knowledge, commitment to excellence and customer service is exceptional. They are an up and coming design team to watch out for. Ask for samples of their work, and you will be amazed!

by Todd M. on Designflair

I have had the pleasure of working with Alyssa and her Designflair team on numerous projects over the past few years. They do amazing design work for websites, print collateral, trade-show displays, vehicle graphics and many other projects. Her creatively and vision towards synchronizing clients branding and content is spot on. Keep up the good work!

by Doreen M. on Designflair

You will not find a more talented and dedicated team than the pros at Designflair. Alyssa and her team have cutting-edge skills that helped launch my small business into a very profitable enterprise, and as tech-savvy as Designflair is, they still take the time to work with their clients on a personal basis as well as on a professional level.

As far as I'm concerned, they are marketing gurus and really know their stuff! I wouldn't have half of the business I have now without that "push" from Designflair. I look forward to many more years of this wonderful working relationship and benefiting from their amazing expertise.

by Janice C. on Designflair

Alyssa Williamson is the creative force behind this company. Alyssa has guided helped me with numerous marketing projects, from flyers, post cards and ads and I have to say she is outstanding at understanding your goal and helping you develop your "brand". She helped me by getting an excellent writer to fine tune my "message" and has given me wonderful tools for my business.

by Kim A. on Designflair

Alyssa is on top of her game. Same with us we had a old site. Goggle changes their algorithm every year or two, so if you want to keep up with the times you have to make a move. She has tons of resources video audio. Very experienced. I like the fact that I we did not have to spoonfeed her all the information. She went out and took care of it. Would highly recommend designflair.

by Christina W. on Designflair

When I first started my law practice, I had to quickly design a logo, letterhead and business cards.  The design that I tried to create on my own was poor, and I failed to consider things such as enlarging my name on my business card.

Designflair helped create a modern and attention-grabbing logo and business card.  Designflair incorporated all of my feedback and did not stop working for me until I was completely happy with the end result.  I have received numerous compliments on my business cards, and I could not have achieved such a professional and refined product without Designflair's help and innovation.

In addition, the prices were much more reasonable than other companies I consulted with.  This was not the reason I chose Designflair, however.  The primary reason I chose Designflair was that they provided much better customer service and attention to detail from the beginning, and this was lacking in other competitors I had met with.  I would highly recommend their company and their designers.

by Jenn B. on Designflair

I had a very difficult logo project... I am VERY picky and didn't know exactly what I wanted but I knew exactly what I didn't want. (Sorry for putting you through the ringer on this Alyssa!) I am expanding my fitness business to go from women only to both genders and a greater age range.

I tried a couple different online logo sites (Elance and 99designs) but it was a nightmare trying to communicate completely online and give an explanation to someone that English isn't their first language. I now realize, after working with Alyssa, that they just weren't very high-caliber designers. I wanted something luxurious and sleek, but edgy at the same time. I also wanted to show movement (I never knew a logo could do this) and have bright bold color. So after going through the serious nightmare of online design for a couple months, I was blessed to be introduced to Designflair.

After only a couple conversations with Alyssa (an actual face to face!) she was able to totally and perfectly nail what I wanted! She was easy to work with and quick to get me the finished product. Now I have a completely unique and awesome logo that I'm proud to put on everything!!

by Troy S. on Designflair

Many times I have been in an absolute pinch, wether that pinch meant a website was down, or an artwork deadline... EVREY. SINGLE. TIME. Alyssa and her team have come thru for us... one of my most valued venders.

I would highly recommend them if you need any of the services they provide.

by Jen G. on Designflair

Alyssa and her team did a great job on my recent logo and business card design. They asked all of the right questions and came up with several variations that helped me narrow down exactly what I was looking for in a new design. I will definitely work with Alyssa and Designflair for any future design projects.

by Kelley P. on Designflair

I have worked with Alyssa at Designflair to promote by business through my website and currently we are developing some print media and updating our website again. Alyssa and Lily make the process very easy by taking my very rough ideas and turning them into a professional and beautiful reality. I also appreciate Designflair's adaptability to my business' needs. When my business was new, after getting my website up, I retained a little more control of my website to keep costs down, but Desgnflair was always there to help in keeping us current and updated. As my business has gotten busier I do not have the time to maintain my site personally and Alyssa and Lily have taken over that responsibility for me flawlessly. The ease of working with Designflair, the quick response when I need help, and the superior product makes me a long time customer. I highly recommend Designflair to anyone looking to promote their company!

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