Website Design

Website design and maintenance

Does your website have a purpose? Whether this is to provide information about your company, collect lead information, sell your product or appear to potential clients in search results, it needs to accomplish its task. Does it?

Or do you not have a website yet and need to set one up? Do you want to edit it yourself, or have a well designed sophisticated site? Or both?!

Your website plan

After years immersed in web design, starting with a self-taught website at 12, Alyssa knows the ins and outs of web design options. Before the first idea is put to paper, we need a website plan. Your requirements and needs, as well as consideration of your target audience behaviors, will shape the priorities of your final website.

Contact Designflair to discuss your website options.

I specialize in web design in Eugene and web design in Livermore, both cities that I understand and love.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Without a website, your company does not exist. Well, not quite, but the first thing most people do when they hear about you is look up your website.

What about your potential clients who don’t know about you? Search engine optimization helps your website become found when you want it to be. It’s not quite that simple but if you contact us, we would be happy to set up a free initial consultation.

Website design services

  • Website design
  • SEO setup
  • Local directory creation
  • Social media interaction
  • Static websites
  • Blog websites

Looking for a print or branding project? Consider contracting Designflair for a particular graphic design or creative project. Or a virtual marketing department.