Alyssa Williamson, Designflair Marketing ConsultationAlyssa, working as Designflair, serves clients in Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area. With locations in both Eugene, OR and Livermore, CA.

We are here to help with your branding & marketing needs and can create a custom solution. Services include but are not limited to:

  • web design
  • logo design
  • marketing
  • branding/graphic design
  • and much more!


Designflair supports small to medium-sized businesses with one-off and on-going projects. Contact us, even if you just need a creative mind to help brainstorm ideas of where you are and what you need to do.

What projects do you need help with?

Business Growth
If you are an established business ready to expand, you will need help marketing your company during the transition and growth period. At Designflair, design and marketing meld together, creating a cohesive identity for your company.

New company branding & marketing
If you are a new business, unsure what to do next, Designflair will help you develop your company brand, identity and marketing plan with graphic design implementation to provide you with a strong business foundation.

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We enjoy the variety of projects we work on and look forward to assisting you with any other ideas or plans you would like to bring to fruition.
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