Meet Alyssa

Who is Designflair?

Alyssa Williamson, owner of DesignflairCEO & Creative Director, Alyssa

Art and creativity has always been a part of me. As a child I was drawing, reading fantasy and creating worlds in my head. At 12, I took that interest to the digital world and taught myself how to program websites.

As a teenager, I was fascinated by how people think and what causes their behavior. The culmination of this love for psychology and art created the perfect foundation for a career in  marketing and design.  I am passionate about helping business owners grow (because a business is nothing without its people) through business strategy and implementation of the final designs.

I received a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design with Honors from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, in conjunction with the Whanganui School of Design. Since then, I have run Designflair and helped others to succeed.

I love to live life to the fullest. This includes building amazing connections with the people in my life, exploring and traveling the world or even a nearby community, escaping with my 2014 Mustang GT, and getting away to nature camping or hiking.