The Art of SEO Content Writing

What I love about writing content for SEO (and marketing purposes) is the challenge in balancing the art and the science of the process.

You see, there are best practices and proven strategies for writing SEO content (as you’re pretty much writing the content for search engine bots) and those can be easily repeated. But then, the content needs to answer your human audience’s concerns and questions so that they stay on your page, or even better, continue to scroll through and explore your site in further detail.

SEO copywriting helps your client find you to buy from you
SEO copywriting helps your client find you, marketing copywriting helps them know you can help them so they want to buy from you

Essentially, SEO content writing is about writing to the bots, but also to a human audience, and those can sometimes feel like they are completely opposite.

For example, a best practice is to choose one particular keyword, for example ‘Website design in Eugene’, and utilize that keyword throughout the website content (a certain number of times based on the page content length), in the Title and Meta Description, in the Headings, in links, in the image, etc. However, if you keyword stuff, you can get dinged for trying to cheat the system and it becomes a very awkward page for a human to read.

Included in that, is the research in choosing the correct keywords for each page on the website. Depending on the level of research that my client wants, or the project, we may be choosing high level keywords on their basic services, or we may be pulling deep dive reports on the best long tail keywords that have traffic and can improve ranking easily. (Yes, I love the strategy of picking ideal keywords and watching those pages rise in rankings too!)

SEO is an on-going process, and that is why require a minimum of 3-months for any SEO project, but strongly recommend continuing for at least a year so that we can track, adjust and track again the gains you are making (and when you see it’s working, it should be an on-going process because it pays for itself!)

If you have questions about SEO, or even the bigger picture of marketing your website and your business, I’d love to chat about your goals and draw out a general game plan of what you need to do. This is what I offer in our initial marketing strategy call to help see if we are a good fit, and to let you know how I can best help you.

As a Eugene-based website designer and marketer, I help clients locally as well as nationally to grow their business through authentic communication that attracts their ideal clients to them. Because in the end, you are offering a service to improve your customers lives and you shouldn’t have to be selling to them to get them to notice you. Let’s start a conversation today.

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