Marketing Solutions

Virtual marketing department package

If your business is ready to expand, instead of hiring an additional employee, contract Designflair to join your team as a creative and marketing guru on an as-needed basis. We offer several packages and a la carte options to suit your business needs.

Benefits of working with Designflair include:

  1. Strategy – we work with you to develop a targeted marketing strategy to reach your unique goals
  2. Implementation – we carry out the tasks to complete your strategy and follow metrics
  3. Results – we help you understand the results and decide what the best course of action is to continue the momentum

You set the schedule

You may have an irregular project schedule, require only a few hours a week or discover the need for an urgent project at the last minute. Designflair is here to help you as you take your business to the next level in the method that works best with your schedule.

Part of the team

Even though we are not in your office every day, we are a team and are available at any time to discuss feedback, idea development, last-minute tasks and to answer any questions you have.

Marketing is not a standalone project and input from your sales team is actively sought out to futher target and develop any campaigns from initial conception through to completion.

Virtual marketing services

  • Marketing plans (short and long-term goals)
  • Develop your unique selling position
  • Target market profiling
  • Campaign planning & management
  • Integrated graphic & web design promotions
  • Marketing communication
  • Social media integration

Looking for a smaller or more specific project? Consider contracting Designflair for a particular graphic design or creative project. Or else for website design and development.