Senior Home Care Brochure, Walnut Creek Graphic DesignWe first started working with All Seasons in 2008, and are now working on their second rebranding project (yes, established businesses rebrand as well). We worked with them to develop a new logo, business cards, presentation folders, thank you cards and more! We worked with them on design, as well as messaging, to create a brochure that speaks directly to their ideal customers.

All Seasons Homecare is a family owned business that provides personalized short and long term care in their clients’ homes. The father-daughter team of Edd and Jenna has dedicated their careers to meaningful, effective home care.

With All Seasons Homecare’s branding, we wanted to call attention to the family focus behind their business’ ethos. We also wanted to work with them to develop a professional, trustworthy aesthetic that would make them stand out against the competition in a saturated market. We chose to go the route of a personal touch, and telling a story, because every one of their clients has a unique story to share. We even included their own personal family photos in their brochure!