4 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Clients Without Having to ‘Sell’

It’s so exciting! You get a new lead, either in a call or an email, and they want to hear more about services.

Not only that, they are excited and ready to work with you! They’ve filled out your workbook, they know you are the one to help them and they are wondering when you can meet to start the project? Your new lead is already ready to work with you!

When can they start?

Alyssa - Marketing attraction - ideal clients with ease
Attract your ideal clients, the ones you are meant to work with!

Does that sound like your situation? Or is your reality a little different from that?

When you are not in alignment with your clients and their pains/challenges, the process of getting a new client can be a painful process.

There is doubt, fear and pain in the process.

You find yourself struggling to ‘convince’ your clients that you are the best one to solve their challenges.

You find that they could work with you, but it isn’t really an ideal fit of your services and their needs. Maybe they’re a low-level client who is more concerned about cost than the value of what you provide, and every step to move forward seems to be a struggle.

What if it could be different? Because it can be. You may find that I talk a lot about your ideal client and their pain points…because that is what matters. In the end, it is all about them. Not you, the business owner.

Do you understand THEIR pain/challenge?

How can you solve THEIR challenge?

How can you bring THEM to a place of success or relief?

4 Steps to Working With Your Ideal Clients Without Having to ‘Sell’

  • Be in the right energy
  • Understand your client
  • Simplify your message – less is more
  • Get found (SEO)

Be in the Right Energy

This is so important both when you are creating your content and message, but also when you are talking to a potential client.

However, being in the right energy relates to you in all aspects of your life. Being in the right energy for your business means that you are in a state of attracting your ideal clients, you have created a space and energy for them and know they are there to arrive.

This may sound a little bit too ‘woo’, but the truth is that vibration and energy affects all areas of your life. Through quantum physics, the space you create is what you will attract. If you are worried about price or money, you will attract clients with a similar mindset. If you are acting in negativity and fear, you will attract what you are focused on…your fears. Which is often lack of clients and lack of money.

Being in the right energy can sometimes be easier said than done. The quickest way to get back into a positive space so that you can write content, or jump into an initial client consultation, is to stop, take a few breaths and meditate. Journal and write some of your wins or gratitude for the day. Do some jumping jacks, build some endorphins. Whatever you need to feel an elevated emotion to be attracting what you want.

The best thing to do is to take 5-10 minutes to get into a happier state before starting any client facing activity.

Understand Your Client

From that more positive state, you can then create content from a position of serving your ideal customer. The key to growing your business successfully is understanding your clients and how you serve them.

Your content on your website, brochure, business cards, posters, etc, that you use to help your clients find your business, all matters.

From a marketer’s perspective, I know how sometimes the hardest challenge is writing your own content. I find that it takes me longer to pinpoint the message for myself, the message that I can just intuit for my clients in a moment. You’re not alone and if it feels like you’ve reached the limit of your ideas in marketing, find another business owner to brainstorm with, or hire a marketing consultant (me!) to help take it off your plate.

Simplify Your Message – Less is More

When you know your client’s pain point, state that explicitly. The faster you get to the point and the truth of what they are looking for, the faster they can make a decision to work with you.

It’s ok to have explanations of what you do…to a limit. In the end, your client wants to know that you understand their problem, and can help them. That’s it. Proof of how you help them, through stories and client testimonials shows them how you create results.

Make the decision process easy for them so that they don’t have to wade through your website looking for what they actually want.

Get Found (SEO)

While SEO isn’t the only way to raise your business visibility, it is a huge part of your business if you have a website. In having the correct content, your website can work for you to close your sales before you even meet with your potential client.

SEO is about creating a website (and content) that clients are looking for, and then having search engines (such as Google) put your content at the top of search results as the most relevant, therefore increasing the chances that your website will be clicked on.

When you have fully integrated these first 3 steps, the final step of being found will just work for you.

What would your ideal lead generation look like? Would it be three new leads each week? Twenty? One hundred? Thousands? It all depends on your business and the products or service you sell, but creating the right process for your customer makes it simple for them to see that you help them.

I enjoy having fewer leads with an extremely high closing rate, rather than a lot of leads to weed through to find my ideal clients.

Contact me for a free marketing consultation to explore where you are doing well and also where you would like to be doing better. Let’s chat!