4 Ways a Better Understanding of Your Automotive Customers Will Drive Sales

We’ve been working with several automotive clients (auto detailing & PDR) in the Tri-Valley area with some amazing successes! So we thought it was time to share our experiences and knowledge. Specifically, about identifying and attracting your ideal clients.

When you decide who your ideal automotive customers are, you can then use that information to attract the best new leads. More importantly, by focusing on your ideal customers, you are building towards the business you have envisioned.

Developing an ongoing relationship with your automotive customers is part of what makes the work rewarding. These are some ways you can rely on those business relationships to attract new customers.

1. Learn who your ideal customers are:

Understanding your current customers will teach you exactly who you want to attract. As you consider your list of current automotive clients, nail down some specific qualities about their lifestyle, habits, and related interests. Do they use their vehicle primarily for commuting? Is this a car they mostly garage and take to shows? Do they drive down the coast on the weekends for fun?

Say you want to work with exotic cars. You’re talking with a regular high-end customer who mentions that they have just purchased an exotic car. Find out if they are interested in racing or going to car shows in the area. Learn about any automotive websites they frequently visit, or what online forums they post on. These details will tell you even more about the customers you want to work with, which will make it easier to attract more business.

If you’re interested in attracting exotic car clients, we wrote about already too! Learn how to attract exotic car clients to your auto detailing business.



2. Reach customers where they browse already:

People are searching for automotive work online, reading reviews, and discussing their experiences. By getting to know your customers’ preferences for browsing and social media, you can improve your marketing to reach them directly.

For instance, local automotive businesses here in Pleasanton, CA are often listed on Yelp. Yelp is a huge resource for consumers looking for local specialized services. If your automotive business isn’t on Yelp yet, now is the time to claim and start requesting positive reviews from happy customers. Yelp gives you an opportunity for new customers to find you through the testimonials of previous customers. It’s the digital alternative to word of mouth referrals!

As a bonus, Yelp is also a valuable customer feedback resource. Everyone else is seeing how customers review your local automotive business; so staying up-to-date and considering what people post is essential if you want to attract new business.


3. Write effective ads:

Your advertisements and online content should connect with your ideal customers on their terms, in a voice already familiar to them. When you understand your customers down to the basic details, you can then imagine speaking to that person directly as you develop your advertising.

When you are in conversation, or reading feedback, try to pay attention to the phrases and references your customers use. Those details will tell you how to speak directly to them. As you work on marketing material, focus on the benefits they will receive from your services – not just the list of services that you provide.

Considering the exotic car example from above, think about the kind of language that your specific ideal client uses. What details would drive them to trust your business? What sort of visual or social proof do they need? What phrases are they familiar with? How do they describe their own automotive needs?

The answers to these kinds of questions can begin to guide your content in the right direction.



4. Build a better website:

When you are looking to build (or rebuild) your automotive website, you can rely on your detailed customer knowledge to attract new business. In the process, maybe you have collected some stellar testimonials that you place either on your home page or on a dedicated testimonials page. There are endless ways your customer knowledge can inform your new website.

Pictures are essential, especially with a business focused on the appearance of the automobile, such auto detailing businesses and body shops. Update your stock photos with images from your most outstanding projects or ideal services. Or, start a case study page to show off your exotic car projects in a more detailed manner, covering the before and after story for each of them. 

After you have gathered all of the right information through surveys and customer feedback, you can create customer personas. Personas are detailed profiles of imaginary ideal customers, which guide your marketing strategies so that you can speak directly to specific customer groups.

For more information on how to develop high quality customer knowledge, download Designflair’s free Ideal Client Persona Guide.