5 Small Business Website Design Tips to Drive Sales

Whether you are looking for a new website or to update your existing website, the goal of small business website design is to attract more customers and drive sales. It’s an exciting process, and good website design takes into account everything from how your website looks to customers, to how it functions and moves visitors toward a purchase, or toward calling you and setting up an appointment.

Let’s take a look at some basic small business website design tips that will ensure that your website is doing all that it cant to drive sales:

1. Make Your Small Business Products or Services Clear

A great website is simple and easy to use. Your potential customers end up on your website because they are looking for specific information about your small business. Make it easy for them to find a list of products or services, examples with photographs, information about your small business’ story, and how to get in contact.


2. Prioritize Your Necessary Navigation Links

Ensuring that navigation is easy does not mean giving your whole website’s index in the menu bar. Try to keep your main navigation links intuitive and straightforward. While thinking about navigation, also consider how your website will look on mobile devices. Many users who find local businesses through local search are searching on mobile devices! Make your site easy to explore, rather than trying to create a huge navigation bar.

3. Put the Most Important Content Above the Fold

While long scrolling homepages are the trend right now, we have found that many potential customers who view a small business website do not scroll down very far. That means you should keep the most important content at the top of your web pages, above the ‘fold’. Above the fold means anything that is visible on the page before you start scrolling.


4. Include Calls to Action 

A Call to Action (CTA) is a button or text area that tells your potential customers about an irresistible offer or idea, and gets them to take action (typically clicking, giving their contact information, or contacting you). CTAs should appear on every page in a way that is not overwhelming to viewers, but grabs attention. Want to learn more? Read our previous post on what makes an effective Call to Action

5. Show Off Your Small Business Branding

Your small business website is just a piece of your marketing plan, so it is important to be consistent with how your potential customers see your branding. Include your logo, tagline and best images to represent your work or services. Take this opportunity to use your small business website design to do more than relay information; make your website stand out and communicate what makes your business unique! 

Thanks for reading our 5 Small Business Website Design Tips! We hope that you go and use them right away.

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