Does Your Automotive Website Attract New Customers? 4 Essential Automotive Web Design Tips

Your automotive shop thrives because of your great customer service and hard work. While your on-site practices are the best thing for repeat business, attracting new automotive customers means having a stellar automotive web design.

With an awesome automotive website, you are helping your online marketing. Your potential customers will find your business online, see that you are an expert in your automotive field, and start trusting your business right away.

1. Local Automotive Online Marketing

People are searching for automotive work online more than ever, and that means potential customers are looking for local automotive businesses when they use search engines. When they are looking, that’s when you want them to see your website! 

To show search engines that your automotive business is operating in a specific locale, make sure that your business location is listed in more places than just your contact page. If your automotive website has a footer or a consistent header, it’s a great idea to list your address and phone number there. That way, contact information is easy to find for both potential customers and search engines. {{cta(‘ca7e73b3-fdf0-47e2-88f6-51878cf54c78′,’justifycenter’)}}


2. Project Photos for Automotive Web Design

Visual advertising is crucial for communicating the professionalism of your automotive business. High quality images of the vehicles you work on, which highlight the specific automotive expertise you offer, will show potential customers what to expect when they come in to your shop.

We recommend using a few of your best images on the home page, and including galleries for any individual automotive specialties you offer. Let your potential customers see some before and after photographs of your automotive work and you will quickly build the sense of professionalism and trust required to convert your viewers into customers.


3. Blog About Automotive Services & Share Recent Projects

Writing a blog for your automotive website gives you the ability to provide detailed information about your services. Blogging allows you to share projects that will convince your website’s viewers to trust your automotive expertise.

Think of automotive service blog posts as a way to educate potential customers about the unique value you offer. Blog posts should highlight distinctive specializations, methods, and any know-how that separates you from the competition. Include details about how a particular project went, how you approached the problem, and what lead to a solution. Making each blog post tell a story will give a personal tone to your automotive work. 

Want to learn more about blogging? Read our article about how compelling blog posts will kick-start your small business marketing. {{cta(‘f64f9213-6142-40aa-afba-ef687853713d’,’justifycenter’)}}

4. Use Keywords Specific to Your Automotive Specialization

When writing about your projects and services in your automotive website, consider how the words you use will impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We just wrote a great article on what SEO Keywords are and how they work, and we recommend using consistent keywords in your automotive web design and blog posts.

Think about it from the search engine’s perspective: you want to give users the most relevant website possible, so you look for the phrasing that is related to what they typed in the search bar. If you use 5 different phrases to talk about the same work on your automotive website, the search engine might not know that they are directly related. 

The point is that being clear and consistent in how your write about your automotive business is essential. From your home page to your blog posts and social media sharing, you want to keep your message the same.

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