How Compelling Blog Posts Will Kick-Start Your Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing in the digital world means reaching potential customers where they already go: online. A blog is a great starting point for reaching those customers, driving organic search traffic, growing a website, and for fueling your social media by sharing the posts you write about your small business.

Your potential customers are searching online for a brand they can trust.

Blogs serve your small business marketing goals in two major ways: First, the information you provide can establish you as an expert in your field, which builds a direct relationship with your potential customers. Second, new and exciting content gives you a chance to build your search visibility for a range of keywords related to your small business.


Let’s take a look at some key ideas for an effective small business blog… 

Showcase Your Store, Products, or Services

If you run a small business that sells products directly, share details about new product lines, old favorites, and deals or sales. If you have a storefront, run feature blogs about the store itself, your employees, and your business story. By creating a story around the products you sell, you will attract more attention from potential customers.

If your small business provides a service, use your blog to give details about recent work by focusing on case studies. Try to tell a story about what your client needed when they came to you, how you worked together, and how you provided a solution that they were happy with. Potential clients want to understand how you provide a unique value. 

Engage with the Local Community 

Does your small business partner with local groups or events? Are you sponsoring any local community efforts? Write blog posts about your engagement with the community around you. A small business can build online word of mouth through these kinds of local interest posts. Once you create blog posts that people are excited to share, your reach will expand greatly!


Use Photos in Your Small Business Blog Posts

No matter what kind of small business you run, it’s a great idea to use images in your blog posts. Images can improve your SEO, break up your content so that its easier to read, and provide feature images so that when you share your blog posts on social media, potential customers will be more likely to go read them.

If you’re struggling to think of what photos to use, just follow your content. If you don’t have photos of what you offer, stock photos are great as long as they are directly relevant and work with your blog’s content. 

Address Common Questions and Concerns 

Are you always answering the same questions when you give consultations or interact with customers? Do you have to clarify particulars about how your products or services can be useful? Blog posts are a great way to highlight common questions and concerns. Take this opportunity to write up some quick tips or a short guide on each topic. If you have access to design tools, try creating an infographic. Visuals are read and shared more often than all text blog posts!

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