Business Growth – Does The Thought Scare You?

Growing your business means more income, more free time and more flexibility, right?

Or does it really mean more responsibilities, more work and a less flexible business where you are tied to your work?

The second path is often the fear of business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. However, it is the path many business owners mistakenly follow.

As a business owner, you want to be successful. You want to have a flourishing business with clients clamoring to work with you, on-going projects and raving fans….

But what if the idea of more clients and business growth actually scares you a little? You say you want it, but deep down you’re worried that more success will take you from your family and cut into your freedom.

It’s a valid fear.

If you continue to work the way you are now, you WILL be overwhelmed!

the challenging road of a business owner-business growthDoing all the work yourself, or with a small team, means that if you don’t expand or modify the way you run your business, you will just be taking on more work without improving efficiencies.

To grow your business, you need to focus on a few areas:


Your beliefs

Until you change your beliefs, your habits and actions will not change. They are based upon patterns your subconscious have created and in times of stress you will fall back on the known. Do you believe you can be successful? Do you believe you are offering the best service for your clients and they are excited to pay you for it?

Your habits

The actions you take every day actually create your future and your dreams. What you do daily affects the way your business runs and is the fastest way to see where you are going. Do you get stuck in emails and dealing with other people’s emergencies? Do you have frequent distractions throughout the day that cause you to lose focus during work tasks?

Your Strategies

The actions you take in your business should be a part of a larger marketing and growth plan to create the life you want to have. Most business owners realized the importance of marketing and strategy, but without the foundation in yourself, you may be spinning your wheels without gaining traction. Do you have a marketing process that is automated? Does your website work for you? Do you have a strategy to get new leads and to nurture them into clients?

Your Business Model

Setting your business up for expansion is important now. Whether that means hiring the right people now, to take on the tasks that will grow, but are not your core competencies. Whether that is a VA, a social media marketing manager, a marketing consultant or web design company, all of these can help you expand without increasing your workload. In fact, they can help streamline your business so that you can focus on what you do best.


If you are scared of the thought of expanding, or are ready but don’t know what the next steps are in taking your business to a new level, let’s chat. Request your initial marketing strategy session so that we can discuss where you are in your business, and what your future plans look like, as well as what is holding you back. If it’s a good fit, I’ll explain how I can support you in making your future vision your reality.