How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Pt. 1: Facebook | Web Design Pleasanton

Facebook is a great tool for inbound marketing and growing your business. But how can you make sure that people who come across your Facebook page actually end up on your website? Here are practical steps you can take to increase traffic to your website from Facebook.

Optimize Your Business Facebook Page

If you want people to trust your business and become customers, then having an updated and optimized Facebook Page will help build that trust. Even if you have had your Facebook page for a while, it’s always wise to make sure the information is relevant and that you take advantage of Facebook’s features.

Here is a quick checklist for optimizing your business Facebook page.

Is your business contact information and hours (if applicable) clearly displayed? Make it easy for users to find out the details they need to reach your business.


Is your Call-to-Action button setup? This CTA button is a somewhat new feature to Facebook, so you may have missed it. It sits on the right hand side of your cover photo, above the “message” button. This feature is great because it is a quick and easy way to convert visitors into potential customers.

Click on the CTA button and choose which feature option is best for your company. There are many options for where this button can direct visitors, whether to your website to “Shop Now” or to “Watch Video” and more. If you specifically want people to visit your website, choose a “Contact Us” button and put your business website as the website link.

Facebook_CTA_button.pngYou can also view how many people are utilizing this CTA under your Facebook page Insights.

Make sure your Facebook Page photos are appropriate sizes AND visually appealing.

Utilizing photos on your Facebook page will draw people to your business and increase the chances that they engage with your page. Take a look at this cheat sheet for proper Facebook cover photo and profile photo sizes.

A way to make your Facebook page more appealing is by making the images consistent with your brand identity. In a Hubspot article, 19 Essential Tips for and Engaging Facebook Business Page, they emphasize the importance of your profile picture – “You’ll want to pick a profile picture that will be easy for your potential fans to recognize. This could be anything from a company logo for a big brand to a headshot of yourself if you’re a solopreneur or consultant. Being recognizable is important to getting found and Liked — especially in Facebook Search.”


Jeep’s Facebook page is a great example of an optimized profile that is consistent with their branding. Their profile picture contains their logo at the proper size. Are you intrigued by the cover photo? They make good use of beautiful imagery that is consistent with their brand. Last but not least, Jeep has set up their call-to-action button.

Publish Consistent, Relevant Content

Engage on your Facebook page! By publishing consistently with content that speaks to your target audience, visitors will then be drawn to visit your business website and find out more.

Think about the types of clients that you want to get to your business – What are they searching the internet for? What information would help them solve an issue or make their lives easier? What keeps them up at night? Think about these topics, and then generate content that speaks to their needs.

Customize your content.

Great content is educational and informative to your audience. Again, you want to speak to your ideal customer. Not only do you want to consider who your audience is, but also exactly what they are thinking about. Hubspot breaks this down as the buyer’s journey, which includes awareness, consideration, and decision. Considering the buyer’s process allows you to generate content that your audience wants to read!

Publish on a regular basis and find out what times are best for your audience.  

Distributing content consistently will show your audience that you care about your business. Also, the more often you post content that contains relevant keywords, the more likely it will appear in search engine results.

Having a content strategy is essential to this process. Once you figure out what days you want to publish content on, then you can plan ahead. There’s a number of ways you can pre-plan your Facebook page posts. You can utilize the Publishing Tools right on Facebook. (Go to Publishing Tools and select Scheduled Posts on the right hand side.)


Buffer and Hootsuite are other platforms that allow you to publish content. Take a few hours, at least one day a week, and plan posts for the next few days. Planning ahead is the best way to make social media marketing effective and attainable.

Website Design

The last part of the process in bringing people to your website from Facebook is ensuring that your website is well designed and is geared towards your target audience.

Create landing pages for specific campaigns.

A landing page is a website page that exists specifically to convert visitors into leads through a Call-to-Action. The CTA should contain an offer for your visitor, whether it’s a free e-book or event. Then, landing pages also contain a form where you can gather important contact information from a visitor.

Yes, it’s definitely a process to get people to your Facebook page, to visit your website, and lastly to turn them into customers. However, the process is worth it and the more you put into your inbound marketing, the more you will get out of it.