How Graphic Design Builds Your Small Business’ Reputation

Graphic design is integral to small business marketing. Potential customers and clients respond to visual content and brand experience more and more every year. The style of your graphic design directly tells potential customers about the unique value you offer. Your business’ graphic design quality is a make or break point for how potential customers learn to trust or distrust your business. 

Let’s go over some basic ways in which great graphic design will improve your small business’ reputation with new potential customers…


Professionalism in Graphic Design Quality

One basic impression a small business wants to give potential clients or customers is that they are professional and trustworthy. Before you even start talking, potential customers have seen your website, branding materials, signage, and social media presence. If your materials are consistent, and properly represent your business, you will present professionalism to your customers and also show them that you are willing to invest in your own business. That will encourage new clients to take you seriously, and will help build trust. 

Branding - Christina Weed - business card, folder, website-1.jpg

For the Law Offices of Christina Weed, PC, we developed a new logo, business cards, letter head, envelope design, and a brand new website. By ensuring that our designs remained cohesive across platforms, the client experience is smooth and professional. 


Great Design Tells a Story

Good small business marketing should tell a story about your business and brand. Text is not the only way to reinforce the story you tell. Your logo, for instance, can include key visual elements that inspire your customers. If you develop a brochure, for instance, it doesn’t have to be a simple list of your services, it can provide clues into your business story, and grab your potential customers’ attention.


With Raashi Design, we wanted give a sophisticated logo that subtly hinted at her work as an interior designer (an ‘R’ inside of a picture frame). Along with her branding materials, we also developed a seamless website that showcases her design work. The images we used tell potential clients what to expect by giving them interior designs they can really imagine themselves living in.


Creative Graphic Design Drives Sales

Beyond professionalism, you want to make sure your small business is memorable. Creative graphic design incorporates the unique value you offer to your customers, and is striking enough that you stand out against the competition.


The work we did for Aegis Automotive’s website shows off their stunning auto detailing work with high quality photos of luxury cars. (Never underestimate the value of impressive photos!) We also were able to make comprehensive website updates that tripled their conversions from Yelp. 

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