How can a graphic designer help with more than just your brand?

Your brand is your business, yet as a fledging or growing business, it can be difficult to decide when it is worth investing in your branding and when you can get by.

I work for my client’s best interests, not for my own profit. I genuinely want to help you choose the actions that will most help your business.

I help clients decide if their current website still serves their business, and we can focus on SEO to improve it, or if it would be a waste of money and they need to build a new one.

Reasons to Keep Your Current Website

  • It clearly states what you do (your services/products) and how you help your clients
  • It tells visitors where to go and how to contact you
  • It provides information
  • It is easy to edit
  • It does not look old or outdated

Reasons to Update Your Website

  • It is starting to break (updates are not working or break the site)
  • The coding errors are hindering your SEO and holding your site back
  • The site is clunky, hard to maneuver and way too wordy (sometimes this just means rewriting content, but often it requires reprogramming the layout)
  • It doesn’t speak to your ideal market
  • It was built when you had a shoestring budget and now you are ready to create a more professional & customized website

Marketing Strategy

I also help clients in planning their marketing strategy and develop new marketing tactics and approaches such as developing mailing campaigns, SEO campaigns, email campaigns, etc. How you reach out to your audience and ideal clients affects how you want to market to them.

Although I sometimes get labeled as a graphic designer (creating logos, brochures, print designs), or a web designer (designing and building WordPress websites, editing websites, maintaining websites) or a marketer (developing and implementing marketing campaigns), I’m actually a hybrid of all three. I’ve always had an interest in all three areas and I’ve found that I can best serve my clients when I have in-depth knowledge in these 3 areas.

If you’re wondering what is next for your brand & business, I’d love to chat. You may be great where you are and we can explore next steps in expanding your marketing, or it may be time to align your message, logo and brand with where your business is now.