Increasing Business from Yelp: Convert Yelp Traffic Through Your Website

If you’re wondering how to get business from Yelp users, but haven’t received new calls recently, you are not alone. Many of our clients have amazing Yelp reviews but don’t see their Yelp traffic turning into calls.

If you’re unable to convert traffic from Yelp into business leads, it may not be Yelp that is the problem, but your website.



1. Getting Reviews 

Building up a reputation on Yelp can be a long process. Just like anything you do to build your digital presence, it needs to be authentic.

Yelp does not suggest that businesses ask for reviews from their customers or clients. So how do you get good reviews?

Many marketers suggest simply spreading awareness about your Yelp profile. This article from Web Marketing Today has great tips for encouraging your clients to leave Yelp reviews. For example, including a Yelp badge on your website will make it easy for your customers to leave a review. Don’t push your customers to leave reviews, but invite them to instead.

Does your customer have a Yelp for their business? Leave a review for them and see if they return the favor. Get creative with getting Yelp reviews.

Another way to encourage reviews is by sharing past reviews on social media. We often thank clients for Yelp reviews on Facebook. And don’t worry, this tactic is Yelp approved. By posting your reviews on social media, you give your digital audience and incentive to visit your Yelp page and hopefully leave a review themselves.

2. Your Website: The Way to Convert Traffic from Yelp

As we mentioned previously, the design of your website is a major part of getting calls from Yelp reviews. When people are looking through Yelp reviews, the next step in their journey is visiting the business’ website; in this case, your website! So you want to be sure that your website is visually appealing, functional, and contain the information people are looking for. On the other hand, if a potential customer finds your website to be outdated or unuseful, they will likely go take their business to your competition. Good news is we are here to help you get those calls from your website.

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Here are a few ways you can make sure your business website is in the best condition for converting Yelp traffic!

Blogging helps you build rapport with visitors and be seen as an expert on your topic.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘content is king’ and this is still true to this day. Blogs are a great way to provide quick answers to many of your clients’ most common questions, and a way to show them that you are an expert in their field. Your website should help you build a rapport with your visitors so that they start to trust and feel connected to you before they even reach out.

Hubspot wisely stated in a recent article on a blogging success story, “The great thing about an inbound marketing tactic like blogging is that it lets you attract the most qualified prospects to your business, wherever they may be.”

When you think about your target audience and generate content that is valuable to them, then your blog will be a successful tool. The above article goes on to point out that no matter how niche your industry is, a blog can help you increase business leads. According to Hubspot, when the business Conversant Bio switched their blogging strategy to focus on their target buyer “they saw the number of quality leads increase by 700%.”

Furthermore, when your blog posts are properly optimized for search engines, they increase the chance of your website appearing in search engines page results. Utilizing proper keywords within your blog posts will increase your website ranking, increasing the likelihood that your website will be found. Blogging is also an easy way to put a call-to-action on your website, providing a way for you to get contact information from potential leads.

At Designflair, we have found blogging to be crucial for marketing our own business. It allows us to bring in traffic to our website while providing helpful information to our customers and potential buyers. Our leads are much more educated and more likely to convert into customers.

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We recently starting blogging for one of our clients, and they have already seen an increase to their website from that content generation and promotion. 

Blogging does take time and work, yet it is worth the effort; it improves the overall quality of your website and is a way to position your business as an expert in your industry.

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Maintain visual & messaging consistency to convert traffic into leads.

You want to make sure that your website makes your business look good; so much of buyer’s research is done online and having a well-designed website is crucial.

One major way to make your website appealing is by maintaining consistency throughout your site. This means that you design elements should be cohesive, from colors to fonts to layout.  In addition to design, having the right message through your content at the right time can make all the difference in converting visitors to leads. You want your unique brand identity to be clear through your visual elements and written content on your website.



Image: Jason & Company

As we mentioned, you want people to trust your business as an expert in your industry. Building trust is just one of the benefits of having a well-designed site. Check out this fun infographic “Why Good Website Design Is So Important” with facts about web design elements and how they effect your business or company.

How is your website performing? If you’re not noticing traffic from your website, you may need a redesign or a simple tune up on your existing design. We created a helpful resource to know what elements are necessary for your website. Download our 25 Website Must-Haves today to find out how to improve your web design.

Utilize your website as a tool to convert yelp traffic. Yelp is a great way to use testimonials to get new clients, but your website is what encourages them to take action and actually call you. Yelp is a way you have gained new customers in the past, your website will allow you to keep getting calls from yelp reviews.