How Does Pinterest Grow My Business? Using Pinterest for SEO

Last week we talked about how to utilize Facebook to increase traffic to your website from your FB page. This week we’re discussing one of our favorite platforms, Pinterest.

Getting traffic from Pinterest to your website requires frequently updating your Pinterest with intriguing content. If your pins are visually appealing, users have an incentive to go to your website. Does your website need an overhaul? {{cta(‘69300d58-9068-49a3-9ba6-ed251606d739’)}}

Here are a few, easy ways to use Pinterest to grow your business.

Use Pinterest to promote your blog.

If you have a blog, this is a great way to quickly generate content on your Pinterest boards.

Take one image from your blog post and use it for your pin. Write engaging and short descriptions. According to Hubspot marketing studs, 200 to 310 words is ideal for Pinterest descriptions

Create multiple boards based on the topics of your blogs. Leveraging content from your blog will allow you to create an expansive Pinterest page. Also, keep your audience in mind (following inbound marketing best practices) and build boards they want to look at. When creating a new Pinterest board, make sure to include a category and description. This will increase the chances of your board getting discovered when people are browsing the platform.


Showcase your ideal client or project.

Pinterest is a more casual platform where consumers are accumulating ideas and images that appeal to them. Utilize this atmosphere to have some fun with your account! Create a Board that represents your ideal client or ideal project and collect images that represent what you are looking for. You don’t always have to post your own products – utilize other images so that a larger range of users find your board.

At Designflair, we showcase our work and organize our boards by interests and applications. We each have a personal board of things we like, and create boards that include our projects as well as other designs that we like. 

Highlight products and services.

The number of businesses using Pinterest to sell their products is increasing. Buyable pins rolled out last year, and are offered for certain commerce platforms. However, even if you’re not using a commerce site, Pinterest is a great way to market your business’ services and products.

On social, people don’t really want to see content from businesses because it feels disruptive. But on Pinterest, people love business content—75% of Pins saved come from businesses.”Pinterest for Business

At Designflair, we showcase our work and organize our boards according to our services. Check out our branding board as an example.


Make sure pins link to appropriate pages on website. If you are showcasing a particular service, have the pin link to a related page on your website where they can find out more details. 

Share the same link multiple times using different images.

Since Pinterest has an ongoing feed, it’s good to re-post content and increase the chances of it getting found.

Take one blog post and continue to promote it, driving traffic to your site. Get creative, and take the time to change the description on your pins. This will show your audience that you care and follows good SEO practices. 

Real Simple does this well with their articles, such as for their Easter recipes. 


Develop a following.

One way to build your digital presence is by having followers on your Pinterest page. More followers will increase the likelihood of your content getting repinned and improve your reputation.

About once a week, take a look at who is liking your pins and follow them back.

Take a look at people in your business industry and see if they have a Pinterest. In terms of social media marketing, it’s good to keep tabs on what your competition is doing.

Post other interesting and industry relevant pins to your board. Share fun and creative ideas in addition to your work.

Lastly, utilize landing pages. 

We LOVE landing pages because they help you target and control your traffic. If you want to generate direct leads from your Pinterest, then having a landing page on your site to direct Pinterest traffic to is a must. You always want to guide users to your website, and having a specified landing page will allow you to gather contact information to turn that website traffic into a business lead.