Running a business is…overwhelming!

Sometimes the act of running a business is just overwhelming; you must not only be providing your services for your clients, but you must also be working to get new clients, do your billing, continue to educate yourself, be networking and building relationships and overall managing your vision for your business.

You should be working on your business, not just in your business.

You are a marketer of your business and not just a business owner.

When do you have time to do it all? And what do you need to be doing?

Sometimes the hardest challenge for my clients is figuring out WHAT they need to be doing. I work with go-getters and high achievers who make things happen, but the research to choose the best solution or plan of action can bog them down.

Some clients hire me to create the action plan so that they can implement. I learn and understand their business, and then help direct their actions so that they can stay focused throughout the day and still be involved in the content and messaging of their business.

A Guide & Marketing Plan

These are the results Phoenix 2.0 experienced as we created a cohesive marketing strategy and align their brand.

Alex Rayter, Phoenix 2.0 Founder“My biggest breakthrough from working with Alyssa (Designflair), was rediscovering my ability and desire to write, blog and create content. On a company level it was executing a brand refresh that we’re thrilled with and are confident that we’re doing a good job of marketing our firm. To say that the client survey process was transformative may be an understatement. We now have a sense of what we do well, what our clients appreciate and where we need to focus our efforts both in sales and service delivery!

We now have an amazing new website, a cool hack that is greatly speeding up my ability to post across platforms and updated collateral that we’re excited to show off! We have more confidence in our sales process because of the invaluable insights we got from the client survey process and the content we have created together which helps us engage and qualify prospects on their journey.”

Alex R., Phoenix 2.0

Complete Marketing Implementation

Once we have a plan, some clients just want to hand off the implementation so that they don’t have to stress about it and lose customer time working on the back-end and systems they need in place.

That was the case with Caring Essentials, who wanted the relief of a plan without the extra work required to take it. We met weekly to move tasks forward and to make sure I understood the essence of her business, and then masterminded on activities for each of us to complete for the next steps.

Mary C, Caring Essentials Founder“Having [Alyssa], the expert to take the reins on this made it all possible….to give this baby to you and feel confident that you were going to take care of it for me.

[Alyssa] was so nurturing and the level of direction made it easier to tell my story. Marketing language is different than scientific / nursing language.

[Alyssa has] this beautiful demeanor to understand [her] client’s goals. [She has] this intuitive knowledge. [She was] able to listen, ask questions and process it to get under the skin of what I wanted to get to the world.”

Mary C., Caring Essentials

Find Freedom in Your Business Again!

I invite you to a conversation to discover the best path in your business. If you are feeling stuck, or know you need help marketing, let’s chat. I want to get to know your business and in your strategy session we will discuss a plan that will help you see results.

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