Two Biggest Roadblocks for Businesses To Earn More Money & Thrive

Every business is unique, yet similar in that most businesses suffer from the same types of problems as they work to grow and expand. The biggest breakdown is in the branding & marketing process. These can be can be broken down into 2 main areas:

  1. Not enough income
  2. Not enough leads


  • • Not enough income can be caused by mistakes in branding, marketing and even pricing.
  • • Not enough leads are caused by a lack of activity or a lack of system to entice and process new potential leads.
  • • Not enough leads are also a cause of not enough income.

business woman reviewing leads at computer

Not Enough Income

The problem with not enough income can stem from:

  • • Poor branding
  • • Poor marketing
  • • Poor service/product packaging

Poor branding means that a business is not able to properly stand out from their competition, or it may even be that their brand is hurting them by portraying a lack of quality, or even the wrong message.

Poor marketing could be that the message is incorrect to attract their target market. Maybe they are too general and broad, or maybe what they feel is their ideal clients’ largest concern may actually not be correct. They may be selling the wrong message or targeting the wrong people for their service/product.

Poor service/product packaging happens when a company sets the price of their service or products, but may not correctly charge for them. They may be offering one-off services that could be better packaged in recurring services to ensure their clients receive the best results.

Branding and marketing go hand in hand and I love to work on these types of problems. Contact me for a FREE Brand & Marketing Audit to see if I can help your business.

Not Enough Leads

The problem of not enough leads can be caused by:

  • • Not enough lead generation activity
  • • Not having a marketing system or funnel to attract leads

When a business is not creating enough activity to build a source of leads, they will not be able to build a strong client base. Without a strong client base, this can also lead into not enough income.

When I talk about lead generation activity, I’m talking about the marketing pie.

Not enough lead generation activity means that in order to generate leads, someone in the business needs to be going out and meeting people (networking, speaking, door-to-door cold calling, getting referrals to new potential clients) that could be your potential client (or could introduce you to a potential ideal client).

In the online realm, this could mean creating new content (blogs, white papers, press releases) that has been search engine optimized to attract ideal clients interested in the topic you are talking about. Each business can choose the areas that are strongest for them, based on their ideal client, but should at least be looking at the marketing pie to create their own custom lead generation strategy.

Not having a marketing system or funnel to attract leads means that lead information gathering may be haphazard or inefficient. To maximize your website, a valuable free offer/guide will encourage users already on your site to sign up for more information from you. Once you have their contact details, you then add them to a layering process in the form of an email campaign where you are providing more information as an expert resource, in order to create more trust for your brand.

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