Using the Right Social Media Channels for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Small business marketing is about investing in only the top performing marketing strategies. When both time and money are limited, you want to maximize ROI without having your efforts take up too much time.

Social Media marketing platforms are a fantastic way to reach an audience, build your brand, and attract new customers. Through social media, you can engage with various communities and gain the kind of loyalty that makes a small business grow. Each platform, however, comes with unique conventions, audience types, and success models.

Let’s take a quick look at what social media marketing can do, and whether each channel is right for your business…

Facebook: Essential For Small Business Marketing

Ideal for:

  • Every business! No, really. You should be on Facebook.
  • Building a base community & sharing updates.
  • Driving traffic to your website.

Facebook can help you reach a wide range of demographics, and it makes sense for every small business to start here. Using a conversational brand voice in your Facebook posts and sharing consistent, valuable content will build your small business’ brand awareness. As you accumulate new page likes, comments, and shares, you are building a strong foundation for future business and growth. When your audience needs the kind of products or services you offer, they will be more likely to think of you first!

Twitter: Stay Relevant to Your Potential Customers

Ideal for:

  • Staying engaged with potential customers.
  • Engaging in ongoing, current conversations to build brand trust and become a thought leader.
  • Sharing industry news, opinion, and updates.

Twitter is a 140-character real-time social media platform. It has evolved into a constant stream that rewards direct communication and conversation. People will respond to your posts and replies immediately or not at all, so it’s important that you share valuable content that attracts active attention. Sharing your recent posts without offering additional content will not work very well. Use Twitter if you have a little bit of time to put into your social media marketing efforts every day.

Instagram: Visual Brand Building

Ideal for:

  • Sharing content for visually-focused marketing strategies, industries, and brands.
  • Building brand awareness with consistent style, based on that visual appeal.
  • Driving traffic to your website and building brand loyalty.

Instagram is a social media marketing platform where businesses can share photographs of their work, their team, and things they like. This is a great platform for building brand awareness, and for bringing a casual tone into how potential customers think of your business. Show them who you are!

On Instagram, don’t forget to use the text area! Include a link to a relevant landing page and use hashtags (#) to increase the odds of posts being liked or commented on.

YouTube: Show Potential Small Business Customers Who You Are

Ideal for:

  • Sharing video and audio content for a visually focused marketing strategy.
  • Building brand awareness with consistent style and voice
  • Reaching potential customers on a casual platform

YouTube is a powerful small business marketing tool because it can give you the equivalent of face-time with potential customers. You know that if you could sit down with every potential customer and explain how you got into your industry and what unique value you offer, you’d convince them almost every time. That’s exactly what you can do with YouTube.

We recommend using videos you host on YouTube to tell short stories about your business, your services, and your staff, using compelling, professional video footage. And we do mean short! YouTube videos work best when they are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

When using YouTube, you want to make sure the Google account associated with your business is the account you use. This lets users and Google know that you are a legitimate source for business content.

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