Website Development & SEO Increases Business by 30%

My favorite part about working with clients is when I get to hear about the results they are seeing in their business.

Last winter (2019/2020) Century Forest Management, a logging and timberland management company based in Alpine, Oregon, hired me to fine tune their logo, design and build their website, and source promotional materials for them.

They specialize in clear cuts, commercial thinning, and reforestation.

They were a newer business needed a website so they could build a brand presence attract more traffic to their business to continue scaling. They were able to find us through our many amazing client reviews and lists of top design firms, but they ultimately chose me because I was also local and very accessible.

After about a month of website development, we came up with a look that everyone was happy with.

Century Forest Management was an amazing client as they were open to my ideas and advice on what to put on their website.

In fact, 8 months after building their website, CFM hired me to work with them on their SEO to help increase the traffic coming to their website.

After everything was said and done, Century wrote about their experience in a Clutch review where they gave me a five-star rating:

It’s these gestures of appreciation that make a lot of these projects both fun and worthwhile, because I really see that I’m making a difference in the growth of these businesses (my clients). 

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