What Does Marketing Have To Do With Graphic Design And Website Design?

You may have noticed that many of my blogs have been directed towards marketing topics, although in the end what I create are designs: websites, logos, brochures, business cards, etc.

Marketing is the Foundation of EFFECTIVE Design

This is because marketing is the foundation of any good design. To create an effective design, I need to know who the target audience is, what their pains/challenges are and how we (my client) is solving those problems and making their clients’ lives easier. So right off, I need to know the marketing!

It is possible to create an aesthetically pleasing design that can be effective without the research and work put into marketing, but it has a lower chance of working to its maximum impact.

This can be the case with a new business who does not yet know who their target market is (it can also evolve in your first few years of business as you gain more experience). It might also be the case with businesses who know their clients very well, or have a time-tested message that is attracting ideal clients, but I find this to be rare.

Bring your design into crystal sharp focus with a foundation of marketing.

Most businesses do not know their clients as well as they think they do, unless they are regularly collecting client feedback and reports on what they did well and where they can do better. Feedback directly from those who pay you (and refer you) is the best way to verbalize the value you provide.

Marketing To Attract Clients

Every aspect of your business and brand is also marketing and sales material for your company. Whether it is a business card, an employee talking to a potential customer, a brochure you share at a networking event, a presentation on a topic you are an expert of… etc., this all is a process of getting potential clients to know, like and trust you to want to hire you.

When you have the correct words to let your ideal clients know that you can help them, and connect with them so well that they KNOW you are the one to work with. Well, that’s when you have magnetic marketing. And having the correct wording on your print materials, on your website and when you are out networking makes all the difference!

Once you have the wording correct, then you can go into building your marketing materials. To summarize, effective design requires knowing your target market so that you can attract them to want to work with you. Marketing drives the designs you use for your business.

Have a feeling that your marketing could be stronger? Request a free marketing strategy session where together we’ll review your current materials and look at areas that you may want to strengthen.

Marketing and Website Design

Your website should give visitors an option to take action in the first few seconds that they visit your site. If you know your customers, then you can anticipate their needs and have exactly what they are looking for in the first section of your site (the area considered ‘above-the-fold’).

This is most valuable as a Call to Action for a free book/offer/guide/training that you offer them, or a way to reach your products or services easily as well.
This then leads into the marketing campaign, where I go into more detail. Every step is layering your customer with more information and incentive to work with you, called the Customer Journey Map.

I work with clients to brainstorm the content, message and then even create it for them for peace of mind and efficiency!

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