Writing a Law Firm Marketing Newsletter Your Clients Will Actually Read



Have you considered writing a newsletter for your law firm, but are not quite sure how it will help you build a strong client base for the future?


Newsletters can feel obligatory for your law firm’s marketing goals, but their purpose can sometimes seem confusing. We’re here to break down the direct value that newsletters can bring to your law firm. That way, you can make an informed decision about your newsletter releases, and come up with more effective content directly crafted for your clients.

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What can a newsletter do for your current and future legal clients?

So you have an email list of current, past, and maybe some potential clients. You might think: The hard part is over; they have already chosen to work with you. Well, the work has just begun.

They may have worked with you already, but their repeat business depends on how they perceive your value over time. When planning out your newsletter releases it’s important to consider what you can offer your client list that will compel them to come back to your firm.


On the other hand, you may have potential clients on your list who signed up through a form on your site, or met you briefly through networking and are not yet familiar with you. In this case, you’re a building your reputation and creating trust to move them through the sales process. By informing them each month on relevant topics through your newsletter, you build their confidence in you until they are ready to hire you.

Trust and respect are essential for ongoing business. You can build trust by offering free expert information about the kinds of law you practice. Show that you are an expert in topics connected to the clients you already have by breaking down confusing legal terms or situations. Let them know that you stay on top of your area of expertise by providing updates as needs in that area shift over time.

Have you been asked the same questions repeatedly throughout your legal career? Try turning some of those questions into newsletter topics. Trust will convert to repeat business and increase your word-of-mouth potential.


Understand the clients your law firm is trying to reach.

It is essential to write your newsletter in the kind of language your clients will respond to positively. Remember, you’re reaching out to them. It’s difficult enough to get ongoing newsletter readers; pique their interest by sounding familiar. Strike a balance between the essential vocabulary for your legal topics and a conversational tone.

We recommend you spend the time to research your past or current clients in order to find out what they want to hear, and to find out what your ideal client is like. By using surveys and other information, you can develop customer personas (link to a blog about personas?) so that you have a specific target client you are speaking to when composing your newsletter. This will help attract more, higher quality clients in the future. 

Important, relevant content.

You can include several topics in a single newsletter; just keep your information concise. Think about what your clients want or need to know. What is going on in your area of practice right now? What laws are in flux or coming into play soon?

Try writing about topics that will be helpful to your clients in an everyday sense. What can they apply to their life right now? If you work with Trust and Estate Planning, for instance, what are some tips for long term planning, broken down by age group? Or if you often work with IRS Tax Audits, what are some commonly overlooked mistakes when filing taxes?


Your newsletter recipients will also appreciate bit-size pieces of information. If they open the newsletter, they are probably interested in what you can teach them. Even if you are defining legal terms in a creative way or breaking down common confusions, they might find themselves able to use this new information in conversation or on their own. 

Remember to keep your information specific to your practice and use your content to help them see that you are an expert in your field. Part of the goal of your law newsletter is to establish trust so that your clients will return time and time again.

Tailor writing to your law firm’s unique voice.

While you are building or expanding your client base, your newsletter is not just a resource for information, each newsletter is telling your past, current, and future clients that you are still active, excited, and ready to work with them. So, think hard about what separates you from your competitors and include those elements in your newsletter. Whether it’s a more casual voice, a straight-to-the-point style, or a willingness to go the extra mile, you can convey what makes your firm unique with the language you use.

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