6 Ideas for Creative Facebook Content (And Google+ !)

How is your Facebook Business Page looking? It’s becoming apparent that every business should have a Facebook Page to represent who they are and reach people through social media. (And definitely a Google+ page as well for search engine optimization, read more about the differences between Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn here).

However, we also know it’s easy to get into a dry spell on social media platforms. You may be wondering, What should I post? How do I know what my audience wants to see? Or you may be posting and not getting the results you’re expecting.

Keeping your Facebook Page update with creative content is a great way to  gain a social following, update people about your business, and to keep people intrigued. So here are some tips for getting creative with your Facebook content.

1. A Unique Video

Forbes once said that videos are vital for marketing. Videos can be a way to feature a “Day in the Life” post, giving people a glimpse of what you do. Capturing what you do is a great way to add life to your Facebook feed. Take it one step further and end your video with a question to encourage people to comment in response. Posting videos that showcase your business also add authenticity to your brand. People are interested in what goes on behind the scenes, and videos are a great way to get people engaged online.

2. Content-Heavy Posts

Re-posting articles and links is secondhand nature on social media. Many of us are quick to share whatever link is currently trending. Is the content you’re posting interesting, though? Research is showing that posting links to sites with longer content among shorter posts is beneficial for your online integrity. According to an article from Kuno Creative on long-form content,  “approximately 1,700 words, is the right way to attract readers today.” There are always some readers that prefer lengthier content. Short articles can be viewed as a lack of knowledge. Get deeper than the latest Buzzfeed article, and instead repost a blog that has depth to it.

Be sure to actually read through the articles you repost on your Facebook page. Yes, it is a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning. By posting something on your Facebook page, you are essentially saying that your company or brand supports it. It’s best to thoroughly review an article or blog before posting it on your feed.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to engage people through Facebook and simultaneously market your business. They provide great material for creating creative content! You can post testimonials in a variety of mediums; text, photo or video.

Testimonials can be a simple text post, or you can share a link from another site such as Yelp. We recently shared a review that we received from a client on Yelp.

Designflair Testimonial

Post a video of your clients speaking about their experience with your business. This allows for a sincere witness for your business. Or you can provide pictures to go along with stories from your customers or clients. Does your business sell a product? Re-post photos from your customers using the product. Check out this article from Entrepreneur for more reasons why testimonials work to boost your business. Facebook is a great platform for posting testimonials, keeping your clientele updated and building your credibility as a business.

4. Recommend a Great Read

Sharing a book can be a great way to reach your niche market through Facebook. Unsure of what you’re niche market is? Defining it will help you create Facebook content overall, so read through this article from Entrepreneur on how to determine your niche market. By recommending a book, you can spark the interest of those in your audience and cultivate discussion on your Facebook page. It will also demonstrate that your business is knowledgeable, gaining new and relevant information about your field. You can simply share the title of the book with an intriguing quote, or even go as far as writing a review or your audience. Are you writing a blog post with a tip or piece of advice? Referring to a book is a way to strengthen authority. This coincides with #2, as book recommendations are a great way to post lengthier content on Facebook.

5. Shout-out to A Partner

Viewing your Facebook page as a means of networking will help you formulate content and build your business’s online presence. Shout-outs to other businesses in your industry is a great way to connect with others. Referring other businesses is helpful to your audience, and allows you to keep connections with power partners (someone whose business is complementary to yours).

Insignia Facebook Content - Partner Share

For example, Insignia Designs referred to us on their Facebook when posting a vehicle wrap that we designed for Three Alarm Fire Protection. Both of our businesses were needed in order to make this project for Three Alarm Fire Protection possible. Use Facebook as a way to say ‘Thank You’ or recommend another business to your audience.

6. Post About People

People do business with people, so showing the people you work with will add authenticity to your Facebook page. Blackhawk Plastic Surgery does a great job of showcasing their work on their feed.

Blackhawk Plastic Surgery Facebook Content

This post allows their audience to see what they do, the services they provide, and a glimpse of how they serve their clients. Another way you can show people on your page is by featuring your employees. Marketing your brand on social media is all about representing your business; displaying photos and videos of people will make your Facebook page effective.

The current consumer generation is one that looks for businesses that have a voice online. By getting creative with your Facebook and other social media posts, you strengthen your brand identity and keep your clientele engaged. Updating your page with appropriate, timely, and quality content allows you to develop a strong online presence for your business. Hubspot recently wrote a relevant post, 13 Things Not to Do on Facebook, with some great tips for what to avoid and what to do when posting to FB for business.

Let us know how trying to new creative content goes for you!

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