Creating a Marketing Funnel in 2 Months [Client Story]

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the breadth of your dream that you couldn’t actually take the first step forward?

Recently, I helped a client whom I’d met at a masterminding session. She was talking about the breadth and depth of the background content she’d created for a curriculum, but was so overwhelmed by the marketing that she wasn’t sure if it would launch before the end of the year (this was in January).

Marking Client testimonial: Mary Testimonial

She was overwhelmed because it wasn’t her area of expertise…her field was her area of expertise, not marketing. She was telling our group how she needed to create a lead funnel, and marketing engagement and a way for new members to join her program. Throughout the her turn, I provided ideas for how to build her funnel and suggestions that could create growth and forward movement in her business. She was so comforted and impressed by my insights that she knew she had to hire me.

Mary went from stuck and overwhelmed, to having a complete marketing funnel and launch in just 2 months!

What I created for her:

  • A customer journey to get to the certification process
  • An opt-in funnel, including quiz for suitability & candidate handbook
  • Systems to handle new leads
  • Email announcements to clients
  • Candidate handbook
  • Customized quiz for candidates
  • Refined marketing messaging on her website, handbook and other marketing materials
  • Social media posts

In just this short time of marketing consulting, her course is launched, her 2 free offers are available, she is running her pre-launch and she is officially opening her certification in June! We are both so excited as her expertise will make a positive impact on the world.

You know your topic – I know marketing. Together we make the perfect team!

If you’ve ever felt stuck in moving forward, this video will convince you that there are ways to create results! Hear Mary’s story:

“This project means a lot to me and I didn’t want to mess it up. I wanted to trust it to someone who could make it professional and magnetize it to attract my client.”

“Having you (the expert) to take the reins on this made it all possible….to give this baby to you and I felt confident that you were going to take care of it for me.”

“The biggest insight was the freedom you gave me, but also the level of comfort you gave me. It was ok to give you the baby.

“You exuded the feeling of trustworthiness and confidence. Everything about the way we connected instilled a sense of confidence that you would take care of it.”

I agree that marketing can be intimidating. You want to get it right so that you are putting your time, effort and money to go use and it can be easy to procrastinate when it isn’t an area of your expertise…

“It kept taking a backseat. It was cool that so many people knew about this and asked “when is it coming out?” but it was also so scary to know that the marketing had to be created. I was procrastinating.”

If you’re looking for support to create your marketing funnel or campaign and need help with either the big picture strategy, or the actual implementation, I’d love to help!

Marketing excites and energizes me and each new client and business is like a puzzle to solve.

If you need a helping hand to take your business to the next level, let’s chat in a marketing strategy session. It’s free, because until I understand your business, I can’t offer practical and useful advice to move you forward.

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