Eugene Logo Design with an Oregon Country Fair Flair – The Development of a New Logo

The Pacific Northwest has it’s own unique style and flavor
and long-time Oregonian, Bill, wanted to convey that in his new business

Climatize is a Eugene business focused on installing and servicing mini-split ductless heating, which
is much more efficient than a traditional furnace with ducts. Their focus is on
efficient home heating & cooling to help homeowners reduce costs, but to
also have a smaller footprint on the environment. Essentially, it is a ‘green’
company in the HVAC space!

In addition, as a Eugenian, Bill has had
long-time ties to the Oregon Country Fair (OCF), an annual 3-day art and music
festival held just outside of Eugene, in Veneta. The fair focuses on local art and
it’s vintage/Victorian style, hand drawn font has always spoken to Bill. He
wanted to maintain some of this hand-drawn, classical style in his logo, as
well as give a nod to the artists that make up the OCF.

To make sure we were on the same page of ideal
styles, I created a mood board of sample logos and art that appealed to Bill.

To start with the logo, we first narrowed down
the font styles that most appealed to Bill. He loved the characteristics of
Landsdowne and from there we started developing design elements to suit it.

The first round of designs that we provided to Bill included 6 options of widely varied styles and colors to best narrow down the elements that he liked best. Round 2 offered 4 variations on the 2 design styles that he liked best from Round 1. Through a process of design updates and feedback (each round getting more refined and offering smaller adjustment) we created this final solution in 4 rounds.

This final logo incorporates elements of airflow, while maintaining a nod to the traditional Victorian sign boards and logos from a time when branding was hand drawn.

We currently have created the logo for branding and print purposes. Climatize created their own website at Go check them out!