Eugene Logo Design with an Oregon Country Fair Flair – The Development of a New Logo

The Pacific Northwest has it’s own unique style and flavor
and long-time Oregonian, Bill, wanted to convey that in his new business

Climatize is a Eugene business focused on installing and servicing mini-split ductless heating, which
is much more efficient than a traditional furnace with ducts. Their focus is on
efficient home heating & cooling to help homeowners reduce costs, but to
also have a smaller footprint on the environment. Essentially, it is a ‘green’
company in the HVAC space!

In addition, as a Eugenian, Bill has had
long-time ties to the Oregon Country Fair (OCF), an annual 3-day art and music
festival held just outside of Eugene, in Veneta. The fair focuses on local art and
it’s vintage/Victorian style, hand drawn font has always spoken to Bill. He
wanted to maintain some of this hand-drawn, classical style in his logo, as
well as give a nod to the artists that make up the OCF.

To make sure we were on the same page of ideal
styles, I created a mood board of sample logos and art that appealed to Bill.

To start with the logo, we first narrowed down
the font styles that most appealed to Bill. He loved the characteristics of
Landsdowne and from there we started developing design elements to suit it.

The first round of designs that we provided to Bill included 6 options of widely varied styles and colors to best narrow down the elements that he liked best. Round 2 offered 4 variations on the 2 design styles that he liked best from Round 1. Through a process of design updates and feedback (each round getting more refined and offering smaller adjustment) we created this final solution in 4 rounds.

This final logo incorporates elements of airflow, while maintaining a nod to the traditional Victorian sign boards and logos from a time when branding was hand drawn.

We currently have created the logo for branding and print purposes. Climatize created their own website at Go check them out!

Why You Need Branding

It may seem that only certain companies need branding, but truly no business can be successful without it. What is branding? A brand identity is a set of associations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, service, product, individual, or organization. Therefore, branding is using that identity to communicate your message effectively to your audience. What is included in a brand identity? Branding includes (but is not limited to):
  • A unique and specific logo 
  • A color scheme just for your company
  • Slogans
  • Certain fonts
  • Specific style or type of photography used
We discussed some examples of great web design in our previous blog post. Web design is one platform where branding comes into play. The colors and fonts that are used, for example, on your site are a part of your brand identity. The use of bold fonts may be used to express your company’s strength.

Branding Builds Your Identity

Through the use of consistent visuals, branding communicates your identity to the public. All the elements of your brand express who you are and what you want to be known for. Recently, the design company Pentagram created a logo for the rebranding of non-profit organization Bike New York. The simple logo conveys who they are, a group of people in New York who are passionate about biking. An article from Pentagram’s site explains their reasoning for every aspect of the logo. Take the italicized, sans-serif type for example, which was used intentionally to convey “a sense of motion.” They were also able to integrate an ‘NY’ into the actual frame of the bike. BikeNY Logo Just from a glance, a viewer is able to get a sense of the non-profit group from their logo. This is effective branding.

Branding Creates Trust

In our relationships, we build trust by being consistent. The same goes for the relationship between you and your clients or customers. Continually utilizing your brand elements in all arenas of your business will tell your customers you are true to who you are. Looking to the opposite of good branding helps to demonstrate this. If your business card uses red and orange, but then your website contains a different color scheme and style, your clients will be confused. They may wonder if it’s even the same business. A cohesive branding identity leads to a unified presence for your company. However, this does not mean that change is bad; companies often rebrand after a few years as their message changes, their target market is refined, or even to look current and modern. This may be used to create a fresh look or a company may discover a more effective way to express who they are. Once a rebrand is complete though, the new visuals should be employed on all platforms and marketing material.

Branding Leads to Effective Marketing

A lack of branding makes it difficult to do effective marketing for your business or company. Marketing without a brand is essentially like selling a product without packaging. Having a brand identity, complete with a unique logo, color scheme, and fonts, makes creating marketing materials easier. Once you have established your brand identity, it should then be maintained on everything from business cards to your Twitter account to print media materials. This will make promoting your business effective and successful. There are many elements that go into branding. If you need branding, don’t put it off but ask a professional! We work with our clients to create beautiful branding just for them! Speak with us today.

The Power of A Logo

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. 
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”
– Dieter Rams, legendary German designer

Logos are everywhere, all day long, whether or not you realize it. There are logos on the sides of trucks, passing us on the freeway; the lunch you had today likely came from packaging with symbols displaying the product or company.

We take in and process logos frequently yet unconsciously, and their power is immense. As Dieter Rams stated, “Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” A great logo, therefore, goes beyond a symbol and also makes a lasting impact. It has purpose behind it’s existence.

A logo is part of your brand identity. It’s a seemingly small element, yet holds much power. Here are a few characteristics every great logo has.


Your logo is the first encounter  someone will have with your business, and also the last. It’s what they will see on your website, social media platforms, and branding materials. Not only is it the first impression, but it will be a lasting one if your logo is memorable. If you give out business cards, this will be the thing people takeaway from your company. An impactful logo properly represents your company and makes an ongoing impression.

Readable and Describable

Is your logo readable? As Dieter Rams mentions, is it intelligible? A logo should be understandable to the viewer. If a logo is a coffee cup, for example, does it literally look like one or does it convey the essence of a coffee cup through the steam?  Whether literal or simplified and abstract, it should convey your business meaning.  This helps with referrals and gaining word-of-mouth business. For example, one could easily describe McDonald’s as the fast food place with the large, yellow “M.” A describable logo is ultimately a memorable one.

Simply Elegant

What you’ll notice about great logos is that they are simple. A common mistake is to overwork a logo by trying to incorporate too many elements. A logo must be simple in order to gain recognition. Simple does not mean boring, however. It doesn’t mean easy  either – it can take longer to design a simple logo than an overly complex one as each line speaks volumes.

Fedex and Coca-Cola are two fantastic examples. Fedex contains space between the “e” and the “x” which resembles an arrow. This denotes the speed and urgency of their deliveries. Coca-Cola is another huge company with a clean logo design. Although their logo is simply their name, it is still an elegant design. This is due to the script font and bold, red coloring.

FedEx & Coca Cola Logos

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Think of a logo as the book cover of your business. While people are browsing, they need something to catch their attention.

A great logo is worth the investment because it will stay with you and be utilized in many aspects. Your logo will appear on all your social media sites and branding material. Are you in need of a logo? Does your current logo need to be updated or redone? A simple logo can speak volumes, yet the process to develop this simplicity can require much thought.

Logo design is one of our many areas of expertise. Contact us today to see how we can create a logo for you!