The Power of A Logo

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. 
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”
– Dieter Rams, legendary German designer

Logos are everywhere, all day long, whether or not you realize it. There are logos on the sides of trucks, passing us on the freeway; the lunch you had today likely came from packaging with symbols displaying the product or company.

We take in and process logos frequently yet unconsciously, and their power is immense. As Dieter Rams stated, “Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” A great logo, therefore, goes beyond a symbol and also makes a lasting impact. It has purpose behind it’s existence.

A logo is part of your brand identity. It’s a seemingly small element, yet holds much power. Here are a few characteristics every great logo has.


Your logo is the first encounter  someone will have with your business, and also the last. It’s what they will see on your website, social media platforms, and branding materials. Not only is it the first impression, but it will be a lasting one if your logo is memorable. If you give out business cards, this will be the thing people takeaway from your company. An impactful logo properly represents your company and makes an ongoing impression.

Readable and Describable

Is your logo readable? As Dieter Rams mentions, is it intelligible? A logo should be understandable to the viewer. If a logo is a coffee cup, for example, does it literally look like one or does it convey the essence of a coffee cup through the steam?  Whether literal or simplified and abstract, it should convey your business meaning.  This helps with referrals and gaining word-of-mouth business. For example, one could easily describe McDonald’s as the fast food place with the large, yellow “M.” A describable logo is ultimately a memorable one.

Simply Elegant

What you’ll notice about great logos is that they are simple. A common mistake is to overwork a logo by trying to incorporate too many elements. A logo must be simple in order to gain recognition. Simple does not mean boring, however. It doesn’t mean easy  either – it can take longer to design a simple logo than an overly complex one as each line speaks volumes.

Fedex and Coca-Cola are two fantastic examples. Fedex contains space between the “e” and the “x” which resembles an arrow. This denotes the speed and urgency of their deliveries. Coca-Cola is another huge company with a clean logo design. Although their logo is simply their name, it is still an elegant design. This is due to the script font and bold, red coloring.

FedEx & Coca Cola Logos

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Think of a logo as the book cover of your business. While people are browsing, they need something to catch their attention.

A great logo is worth the investment because it will stay with you and be utilized in many aspects. Your logo will appear on all your social media sites and branding material. Are you in need of a logo? Does your current logo need to be updated or redone? A simple logo can speak volumes, yet the process to develop this simplicity can require much thought.

Logo design is one of our many areas of expertise. Contact us today to see how we can create a logo for you!

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