Facebook Marketing: Identifying Your Audience

There are many ways in which Facebook can benefit your business. Once you have a Facebook page for your business established, you can use it as a strategic marketing tool to increase your interaction with your customers. The best part about using Facebook is that it is an easy and effective way to get your company out there.

Building Your Audience

In order to effectively market through Facebook, your audience needs to be established. We tend to assume that the number of “Likes’ your page has is the most important factor, but in actuality the best way to build your audience is by engaging. According to an article from Forbes about consumers and social media, “62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.” Comment on posts of friends of friends, reply to comments on your own posts and be sure to like friend’s content. This is a major means of establishing clientele and keeping them interested in your business.

Invite people to like your page, and include a link to your Facebook page on other social media platforms. Need help installing a Facebook plug-in to your site or blog? We can incorporate a Facebook plug-in to your website – contact us today! Establishing connections between all digital platforms is essential for social media marketing.

Targeting Your Audience

The reason Facebook is so beneficial for marketing is because you can direct ads and boost your posts to specific groups of people. You can select from the following categories:

  • Location
  • Demographics – Gender, Age, Language
  • Interests
  • Behavior

Determining your target audience is crucial in any marketing strategy, ensuring your ad or promotion gets to who you want it to. Facebook allows you to reach the group of people you know will be interested. You are also able to exclude or eliminate certain groups by using this feature. For example, excluding certain cities under ‘location’ can allow you to eliminate people you already targeted or are not concerned about reaching.

Advanced Targeting

    • Lookalike Audience – What this feature does is pull from a “source field” – which can be a custom audience or target group you’ve already established. It then builds a “lookalike” group based on that source with similar interests.
    • Custom Audience – This allows you to send out content to specific group, upload from phone numbers or emails. (You can even upload your email list from MailChimp!) You can then run ads to this specific audience, such as to your existing customers.
    • Saved Target Group – These groups are audiences that you have already saved. When you create a new group that you want to keep, go to ‘Create Audience’ and then click ‘Save Target Group.’ Use this tools and name groups specifically so that you are able to reference them for future campaigns.

It’s also important to have a landing page for your audience to go to if you are running a Facebook promotion. Make sure to direct customers to the information they need, whether it be to your website, blog, or a contact form.

This success story of the multimedia company Little Passports is a great example of how to use Facebook to successfully market a business.

Little Passports_blogphoto_may_df

By taking advantage of Facebook’s tools, they were able to increase their brand awareness and cultivate online sales.

Excited about what Facebook marketing can do for you? We are, too! Contact us today for expert advice and information on our marketing services.

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