Not Getting Enough Leads in Your Business? Time for a Business Marketing Audit

One of the most common frustrations with business owners or business managers is not getting enough leads in their business. The challenge here is that there is not a one size fits all solution when you are trying to get more clients. The good side though, is that there are many proven solutions to marketing that can be customized to best suit your business. 

Magnetically Attracting Ideal Clients

I approach the challenge to leads through a marketing point of view because marketing creates the most results with less work over the long term. Marketing is about magnetically attracting your ideal clients to you, so that they are more highly qualified and are asking to hire you! To see results like this, you need to completely understand your ideal client, know their pain points and triggers, and know specifically what they are looking for and the solution you can offer. In addition, you then need a targeted sales funnel that is educating them while they are receiving free advice or support from you.

Think of marketing as the marketing pie. There are many different actions and activities you can take, but you need to determine what percentage of each will make up your marketing pie.

Marketing Pie - Marketing Activities

Marketing Audit

One of my favorite activities is sitting down with clients to review their current marketing, and brainstorm ideas to create an overall strategy for their marketing plan that best targets their ideal clients.

Sometimes business owners are too close to their business, or just need an external mind to see their situation from a unique angle or to bounce ideas off of. Designflair’s Marketing Audit is a process that results in identifying your ideal client, creating an ideal client persona, developing a marketing matrix so that you marketing materials are highly targeted and focused on your ideal client and a strategy of activities laid out for you to implement (or hire Designflair to implement for you).

Our initial 30 minute consultation for your Marketing Audit is free, so there’s no risk for you and every chance that you can have a more targeted marketing message and generate more of the right leads, for your business. Contact Designflair for your free Marketing Audit Consultation.

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