Popular Brands with Great Branding: Red Bull Edition

“Red Bull gives you wings.” This tagline is so well known today that if anyone simply says “Red Bull” – the tagline comes to mind. Red Bull is a thriving energy drink company and their branding has everything to do with it.

The company started in the 80’s by founder Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian business man who also loves to fly. (Read more about Red Bull’s genesis on their website.) See where the tagline comes from? So not only did Red Bull make way for the energy drink industry, but their brand also created a culture – a culture that is active, adventurous and knows no bounds. A great brand creates a culture and continues to foster it through their branding.
An article from Forbes on Red Bull’s branding explains, “This adventurous spirit is a reflection of Red Bull’s freewheeling corporate culture that has enabled the company to build an enviable performance record over the last 25 years.” The branding and marketing Red Bull has established is a main contributor of the company’s success.

Statista_Red_Bull_Branding(photo from Statista)

By looking at statistics from 2013, Red Bull continually takes the lead in energy drink sales in the US. They’re doing something right, and we bet that “something” is branding and marketing.

Let’s take a look at Red Bull’s social media and digital presence.

Red Bull Branding Example Pleasanton(photo from RedBull.com)
They have a well-designed site that uses their brand colors – red, yellow, white and blue. There is also an array of content, from “Hot Topics” (where news is displayed) to “Games” (where there is a collection of articles relevant to the gaming world). Red Bull knows who their audience is and that’s exactly who they market content towards.

RedBull_Games_Branding(photo of Red Bull Games page)
Everything Red Bull does speaks to who they are, helping them reach their market and drive sales. They are consistently active on multiple social media platforms, increasing their brand awareness and engaging with their audience.



Their Twitter page, for example, clearly displays their ubiquitous logo and has a motocross photo for their cover image. Many of their customers are involved in or fans of extreme sports. Red Bull uses their social media platforms to cater to their clientele. (Did you know they even have a Pinterest with 13.2k followers?) They post a variety of content that suits their adventurous and daring brand identity.

We’re not advising you to mimic Red Bull’s exact techniques and strategies, but take note of their dedication and enthusiasm to branding and apply that to your own. What is your target audience and how are you reaching them? Are you consistently posting videos, photos and content to establish your brand identity? Most businesses don’t have the budget that Red Bull does for marketing, but budgeting for branding is crucial for business.

We get really excited about branding. “Branding rules everything we do!” Set up a meeting with us now to discuss your business’ branding strategy. We can help you identify your audience, establish your brand, and come alongside you to reach your marketing goals.