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Remember the last time you worked on your own website? Maybe you created your own content, spending hours trying to convey your services in a way that would appeal to your customers. Or maybe you hired a copywriter to get the words just right – creating the message with an insider’s knowledge but an outsider’s point of view. This is always a long and thoughtful process but the hardest page is often the infamous “About Us.” This is the part of your website or blog that can easily be overlooked and is the most daunting to fill out. Creating an “About Us” profile can be as uncomfortable as describing your strengths in an interview. Fret not, we’ve got some experience with this and we are here to give some pointers.

Quality Content

First, develop your content.

Content should be informative but also compelling to read. Dry and wordy text will win you no points – you might even have to earn clients in spite of it.

Be sure to include accurate, quality information. Go beyond explaining who you are, but also inform people about the why of your existence. People do business with people, especially those that have values or motives that they are passionate about. Why you do business will tie into the benefits that your services provide to the end customer. Yes, the “About Us” profile is about you, but thinking of your audience will help you figure out what information to include.

If your website is for a store, restaurant or business where clients visit, then that location should be clearly displayed. You may even include directions or a Google maps plugin. Are your viewers familiar with your business, product, or service? If not, briefly explain what you offer. Providing links to resources or internal site links are ways to give information without adding too much text, answering your readers questions. Are your readers concerned about philanthropic efforts? The “About Us” is where you get to brag about what charities or organizations you support. Thinking about your audience will determine what goes in your “About Us” page. Fine-tuning the information you include will also make your mindfulness evident to your viewers.

Basically, simply state the who, what, where, why, and how of your company. Don’t forget contact information! Surprisingly, people mistakenly tend to leave this out.

As far as how the information is displayed, you get to be creative.

  • Lists. Using a bullet-point list to display your information and services is simple and sweet. A way to get creative here is by adding a quirky or unique fact about yourself or your company. Keep your list relevant to your company and a few points will suffice.
  • Infographics. An infographic is a creative way to tell your story. Of course, this takes some design experience. Bellroy makes wallets and shows their products in a unique infographic. This is just one aspect of their multimedia “About Us” page, which also includes a video and professional photographs.
  • Video. Many non-profit organizations and companies are now using videos to explain themselves. If you do include a video, make sure it’s fairly short (no longer than 3 minutes). Include some text along with the video for those who are seeking additional information.

In order for the “About Us” page to serve it’s purpose, it should look great and convey information quickly.

Impactful Images

Let’s be honest. Attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. Keep this in mind when building your page, as the “About Us” section can end up being very text heavy. To prevent this, add a stunning photograph to grab attention. is a reputable company that uses many photos in their “About Us.”

  • Use real photos. A word of wisdom, do not use stock photos. Although they may look great and are readily available these days, use a photo you (or a professional) took to demonstrate authenticity. People visiting your site want to know about you. Use a real, eye-catching photo displaying who you are or what you do.
  • Show the “How”. If your company or business involves a process, show photos displaying that. This demonstrates that you are genuine and reputable.
  • Group Photos. If you have a large team or group of staff, show everyone! This allows people to put a face to the name.

Up to Date

There’s nothing worse than having outdated information in your “About Us” section. As your company grows and business carries on, add new information.

  • Add testimonials. A written response from a previous client makes the “About Us” section feel less like a sales-pitch and adds credibility. Testimonials are also an important aspect of building customer relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask clients to write testimonials. These stories will demonstrate to customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media Links. Links to other sites will allow visitors to gain new information. Microblogging sites, such as Twitter, lend themselves for quick updates. Be sure to make these sites accessible in your “About Us” profile.
  • Staff Bios. Give viewers a glimpse behind the scenes. Adding profiles about new employees is another way to keep your “About Us” fresh. Check out Charity Water’s site as an example.

People head straight to the “About Us” section of a website to discover who you are. Be confident, clear, and creative in displaying information about your company. You don’t want the content of your website to be overlooked. At Designflair we work hard with our clients to ensure they are well represented online.

Creative About Us Page Examples

Creative About Us Page Design

The Kyan About Us page highlights each person on the team in a creative and engaging photo. Some show their pets or personalities. It makes them seem more approachable.

Wunderkinder - Great About Us Page

Wunderkinder has a much larger team but they still show a headshot of each individual to create a sense of connection.

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