Client Relationship Building

Lately we’ve been discussing the importance of branding and unity. Branding is how others perceive your business, the associations they make with you, especially your clients. Clients are vital to your business and your relationship with them should be treated as gold.

Follow up after a project is completed and client relationship building are both part of your brand identity. By thanking your customers or clients for their time and support, you show that you go the extra mile. You actually care about them. Follow up is all too easily forgotten or left off in the rush to start the next project.

At Designflair, we highly value our relationships with our clients. Follow up is a means for us to maintain and strengthen that connection.

Follow up takes place while we are working with a client and after a project is complete. Businesses are typically great at communicating while there is still a need on either end. However, once there is no longer a need, the ball is often dropped. Maintaining contact even after a product is sold or service is finished will make your company stand out. You will go from being the same as your competitors to being excellent.

The great thing about follow-up is that there are a variety of ways to go about it. Depending on the style of your company or business, as well as your budget, you can pick the way that is most ideal for you.

Personalized Email

  • Sending an email to say thank you will demonstrate your gratefulness. This is the most time effective and costs you nothing. There are an array of templates online but I recommend writing one from scratch. People can tell when emails have been previously generated or automated, and it feels less authentic.

Handwritten Letters

  • Handwritten letters take time but I guarantee your clientele will appreciate it. The personalization of handwritten letters is unequaled. Don’t have neat handwriting? Check out Handiemail, a company that you can hire to do handwritten letters for you!

Phone Call

  • What’s that? In a world of texting and e-mail, a good ol’ fashioned phone call means a lot.

Gift Basket

  • This is a bit more costly, but is worth it in the long run. People often go with food for baskets, but get creative! Office supplies are a great gesture. Be sure to include a few business cards or fliers for your clients to share with others they know! Have a theme that matches your services and continue the branding!

Follow up and follow up again. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

Designflair has grown our brand and helped others grow through unique Thank You cards. Nothing shows commitment more than someone who is willing to spend money on their own business – people want to do business with successful people. A custom branded Thank You card is simple yet speaks volumes when sent to customers.

Get in touch with us today for your custom designed Thank You cards!

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