Client Work: Leading Renovations Flash Banners

On several ocassions, I have worked with ReachLocal in San Jose. ReachLocal is postitioning itself as a leader in local search through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such a PPC ads, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here is an explanation of what they do: ReachLocal services.

I have worked with ReachLocal on several ocassions to build SEO focused websites for their clients as well as create the flash banners for their remarketing campaigns. The remarketing campaigns only show these banners to customers who have previously visited their site, encouraging them to return to the site through special offers. This is a much more cost efficient solution for smaller businesses with a limited budget, rather than paying for every visitor on a website to see them, they only pay for qualified leads who have already visited their site.

This brings in the question of how much do you want websites to know about your web travels, but personally, I’d much rather see ads that are relevant to my interests than random ads. This targeting has actually worked in my advantage to find deals I was actually interested in. Browsers are now working on features to block this.

Anyway…back to my work for Leading Renovations. Here are still shots of the three ads I created, rectangle, skyscraper and leaderboard.

Leading Renovations Flash Banner Ads
My proof for the rectangle ad before it was animated. (Offer may be expired).
Leading Renovations remarketing campaign
Flash ad proofs for the leaderboard ads


Skyscraper marketing flash banner ads
The final piece to the matching set of ads

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