Does your business still need business cards?

Designflair Business Card Design & Print

Business cards do still have a purpose, but like all marketing, should be targeted to a specific purpose to get the best results.

Designflair Business Card Design & Print
Business cards printed with Spot UV (gloss) and metallic foil to create extra dimension.

With the move to everything digital, many predicted that print business cards would be a thing of the past. Some have gotten creative in using only digital cards, exchanging info through apps, or even creating 10 second video ‘business cards’, but others still believe that a physical card has value. I agree with both thoughts, business cards are valuable for providing information about your business, but when targeted and created with a specific purpose in mind.

In COVID times, there is an even greater emphasis on digital: there are digital meetings, less in-person interactions and fewer physical exchange of products, meaning that there are fewer opportunities to hand out business cards.

My belief is that once things return to a new normal, there will be a greater emphasis on the physical and in-person meetings. When we use more of our senses then just sight (as with online meetings and digital business cards), we have greater appreciation and engagement with our environment.

When You Need Business Cards

Foremost, business cards are important to give to customers and potential customers. One of their first impressions of your business is often your business card. It tells them your basic information, but also creates consistency in your brand and can be a way to ‘wow’ them.

The design of your card is important, but even more so is how you print it. As a designer, I notice these things: a thicker business card, textured paper, glossy (spot UV) or other embellishments stand out to me and lets me know that the business takes pride in their name. (When I’m at a place of business that has business cards, I almost always pick one up.) The more a business card creates an experience, the more I remember it – especially when it ties in with the business itself.

Always have just a few business cards handy, as you never know what conversation will start in the middle of the grocery store, in a line etc. I’ve been asked for business cards more often in a casual setting than I’ve ever expected.

When A Digital Business Card is Better

For many business owners, networking means meeting lots of new people, exchanging business cards and then ending up with a box full of business cards you never look at.

No matter the good intentions, most business cards just end up in a box for future sorting. The most efficient method in this setting is to take a photo/use a digital business card scanner to take a copy and add your notes – less space and easier to find in the future!

For networking, where lots of people are coming together to exchange information, a digital business card may be better received as it can be stored in email and on their computer for future use. Proactively sending a digital business card can also help you stand out from the crowd.

For digital business cards, a well-designed business card is still important to the brand and growth of your business.

Business Card Design Inspiration

Looking for business card inspiration? Here are 60 awesome business card designs for inspiration. Notice how they carry the brand style, and even help enhance it. Some even have a talking point that encourages conversation with you.

Your logo is the start of your brand and business, but the business card and website are what help create your visual identity and how others will relate to you.

Whether you need a creative business card, professional one, or just a simple business card, I can help you create the look to suit your brand. Check out some of my business card designs on my portfolio., under ‘Branding’.

What about you?

As a consumer or client, do you use business cards? Do you look for a business’ information? Consider how you use business cards and if you are similar to your ideal customer.

Print & Digital Branding: Spreading the Word About Your Business Effectively

Ok, so you have your brand identity established. You are ready to show off your logo to the world. How and when do you use these branding materials? There are a variety of ways to target your niche market and showcase your business.

Print Materials

Business Cards

Business cards are essential to connecting with others. We specialize in making business cards that are unique, allowing you to stand out and be memorable. Enhance your networking with something tangible people can take away, containing all the information they need to stay connected with you. Business cards may be a no-brainer, yet it is easy to mess them up. Plain cards will suffice for the bare minimum but creatively designed cards will make your brand memorable.

Brochures & Pamphlets

A great way to put your business on display is through brochures. Here is where your logo, brand color schemes and brand fonts are employed. They can be used as take-away materials at conferences and seminars. They can supplement your meetings with clients by detailing what your business provides when the messaging is properly focused. Direct-mail is another way to reach existing clients or new ones. Mailing brochures, pamphlets, or postcard-style materials is a way to reinforce your brand identity and illicit a response.


Calendars are an effective way to keep your business name at the front of people’s minds throughout the year. Businesses can use calendars as promotional pieces. This is even more effective when it is used to showcase your own materials or   photography and express your business’ personality.


Digital Branding

Social Media

Maintaining your brand identity online is extremely important (depending on your target market). You may not need to use all platforms to effectively reach your audience, however, the platforms that you do utilize need to represent your business correctly. We understand that social media can seem daunting, especially when you are focused on other areas of business. Picking a platform that suites your business will help you to brand reach your target audience more effectively.


Your website plays a huge part in branding your business but also for creating credibility. It’s a cornerstone of branding, as all of your branding material will refer your audience to your website for more information. Is all of your information clearly displayed? Are viewers able to easily navigate through your site? Cohesive and creative web design is a must for your success. Web design is a main service we provide for our clients, understanding that it will enhance their business.


Alongside other social media and your website, blogging is an effective way to share updated information. Do you own a small business? Maintaining a blog is a means to consistently display your brand identity. Our last post discussed the importance of authenticity in design. Blogging can be used to your advantage, showing the sincerity of your company or business and giving people further insight into you and your business. Blogs are also great platforms for photography and videos. Use a blog to showcase your work and update people on what you are doing. Blogs can either be a standalone item but they are most effective when they are built into your website as well.

We enjoy creating unique branding material for our clients. Recently we made USB hard drives tailored for Birk’s Restaurant and their 25th anniversary celebration. This is an example of how branding can be employed beyond the typical ways.

Do you have business cards that clearly display your contact information in a creative way? Are you in need of brochures to enhance your business meetings?

Get in touch with us today and we’ll tell you more about our brand services! We will make your brand material visually appealing, allowing you to communicate your company’s identity more effectively.