What Makes Designflair different from other graphic & web design companies?

Designflair is a boutique design studio serving our clients to create customized solutions for their needs. We don’t have cookie cutter projects, or website templates that we use. Instead, each project is approached with a goal to problem solve, target your ideal customer and convey your business message effectively.

When it comes to website design, the first choice is website platform. Do you want a WordPress website that can be customized and grown as you need? Or do you have simpler needs and only need a website to convey information to your clients and attract them to your website (search engine optimization or SEO)?

We walk you through the benefits and downsides of each website option so that you can understand and use our recommendations to choose the best website platform for your business.

When it comes to functionality, WordPress is king, but it can also be overkill or a lot of extra work to keep it secure and backed up when you don’t want the maintenance.

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it can be customized to do whatever you want. Whenever we develop a website, it starts with a custom design layout. Our design takes into account your user experience, message and functionality you want to include on the homepage and body pages. I love the process of taking your message, and using the best marketing strategies to ensure that we effectively convey your message and even compel your ideal clients to reach out to you.

When it comes to WordPress website design, there are templates available called themes. Themes range from free to paid, to customized theme builders. The problem with free themes is that you get what you pay for, they can be bloated, not coded properly, not properly maintained or even have back door security risks that you are unaware of. We recommend themes on a case by case basis, but usually prefer to develop a custom design for your website and then work on it from there.

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What makes Designflair different from other graphic & web design companies? We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions; we listen to your challenges and goals and create a custom solution for you. Sometimes there are ways to speed the process up, with your feedback or approval, but your business matters and we want to ensure your marketing is effective and useful.

I love studying psychology and how the brain works, which ties back into marketing and effectively designing solutions to grow your business.

Contact us today, we’d love to talk to you about your latest project.