Why We Work Together: Collaborative Work for Successful Design

We don’t have cubicles at Designflair studio and there is a reason for that. We work together on our projects, which allows us to be creative and successfully accomplish what we set out to do. Working collaboratively is how we thrive.

Our Collaborative Design Process

To give you an idea of how we typically accomplish a project, here is a glimpse of our process.

Proposal – A client comes to us with a need or idea and we lay out how we can meet that need. Our marketing department communicates what services we provide. This can also be called “defining the problem” – the step where we understand what isn’t working for a client and propose how to solve it. We suggest the best solutions based on our client’s need, their industry and their target market.

Ideation – This is when concept development takes place. We do any research necessary for the project and brainstorm ideas. This step can include mood boards, where we put together certain colors and fonts that fit a brand. It may require us to research a specific field for a client to figure out what their target market is. We also explore competitors and even just general design that fits the style the client is looking for. We take the information we gathered and develop ideas to solve the problem or make our client’s idea become a reality.

Feedback – After we create the first set of initial concepts for a project, we send them off to our client. The client then provides feedback and we make changes from there.

Revisions – This is another opportunity for us to work as a team! After talking with our client about the our concepts, we have a clearer picture of what they are looking for. Then our designers discuss how we can alter our ideas and refine them down to a final solution.

Reach Design Solution – At the end of the process, a design is accomplished that fulfills the client’s need and benefits their business. Working collaboratively ensures that we didn’t miss anything because we have multiple eyes on the project. We make sure nothing falls through the cracks and multiple people ensures we look at the project from multiple perspectives.

The Importance of Collaboration in Design

So why do we work collaboratively? To do what we do well, develop creative concepts, we need to work together so that our ideas can then play off of each other. The steps of ideation and revisions are very much collaborative; sometimes an idea is inspired from someone else’s initial concept. We work as a team to come up with a beautiful design.
Collaboration leads to be creativity, as we bounce ideas off each other and provide feedback on projects. Working together allows us to strategize, asking ourselves how we can truly we can create the best design for you, our client.

There are many tools out there to work as a collaborative team, yet teamwork really begins with willingness. It starts with the desire to learn from one another, being willing to listen and then speaking up to contribute to the collective effort. Our team of designers have experience and skills that allow us to tackle projects and create fantastic designs.

What does your business need or how can it be improved? Our team will come together to find a design that will benefit you!Fill out our contact form to get in touch with us today.

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