You’re Winning at SEO, Now What?

This morning I was looking through my SEO reports and discovered that I am actually #1 for several highly sought after keywords. This is what I consider “winning at SEO”. 

But what does it mean for your business? Better SEO rankings means increased traffic to your website (depending on the amount of searches that keyword receives). Increased traffic to your website means more opportunities for sales.

My first thought was, “Yay!! My work is paying off and this reinforces what I already know – that I ‘do SEO’ the right way.” There were some recent Google algorithm updates that happened and negatively affected some businesses. I find that for the most part, my clients’ sites handle the algorithm changes very smoothly. In the end, it helped my business and my clients’ businesses increase in rankings for some core keywords.

My second thought was, “Oh gosh! I better revisit my content and landing pages to properly convert these leads.” You see, getting the #1 ranking isn’t the only step in growing your business through online traffic. Once you have the increased volume of eyes looking at your website, you then need to have content that resonates with them so that they reach out to contact you.

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This is why when I have new clients reach out to me through my website, I’m telling them how to work with me and the best solutions for their challenges. I am NOT selling them on why they should work with me. My marketing always conveys my experience, expertise and competence before we talk.

This saves me a lot of stress on the consultation call and also saves me from having a lot of unnecessary calls. I don’t have to sell them; I am literally having a conversation to learn more about their business and recommend the best course of action to take so that they understand how they can work with me. Sounds fun right? It is!

The Marketing Process

Ok, so you are ranking at the top of your SEO keywords for your SEO geographic area. Now what? The process looks like this:

Winning at SEO: The Marketing Process

SEO > Website Content > Offer/Landing Page > Consultation Questionnaire > Consultation > Proposal where each step of the way funnels down to a tighter audience.

The foundation to powerful marketing is understanding your IDEAL clients and speaking directly to them. Some businesses need quantity, but my clients want quality over quantity. They want a shorter and easier sales process where their website and their marketing content save them time and in the end, save them money.

What is Marketing Content to Support SEO?

When I talk about marketing content, I am referring to anything that potential clients are reading about your business. This is the general content on your website, the process you lead them through on your website (Do you have free offers? Do you have a landing page? Do you direct them to how they can work with you?), the content in your newsletter (or way that you stay in touch with them), your social media presence, etc.

Marketing is about looking at all the ways you connect with your clients in MEANINGFUL ways. Doing marketing just to create content has a different feel and energy to it, but it also often falls flat in addressing your potential client’s concerns and needs.

Here’s a little more information about Google algorithm updates.

If you’re looking for help with your SEO, as a piece of your larger marketing strategy, I would love to talk! I help clients create cohesion in their marketing whether I am just a part of the pie, or helping with the entire strategy.