3 Crucial Characteristics of Stunning Web Design

As we spend more and more time on the web, the importance of great website design becomes apparent. Website design is particularly crucial for businesses and companies who need a site to communicate to their customers. We’re going to discuss what elements make for beautiful and functional website design and look to modern and innovative sites for some examples.

Seamless Colors

Color usage is an aspect that can make or break a website design. One should be very selective when picking colors and the ones that you do choose should be cohesive. Consistent colors throughout your site allow you to maintain your brand identity. One way to take the colors above and beyond is by choosing ones that break the mold, or draw attention to themselves. Going with colors that have high contrast can be one way to achieve this. On the other end, some sites effectively use only two colors (or even one color in different shades or tints) with only various tones and shades to create a simple and clean look.

The website for the snack delivery company NatureBox uses a seamless color scheme that matches their brand identity. Notice the consistent colors in the icons below. The color tones also nicely compliment the photographs they use to feature their product.

NatureBox Web Design

The Parallax Effect

Movement in general has become popular on sites across the board, and a very popular current trend is to use moving graphic elements, called Parallax. The Parallax Effect is one particular example of website design that prevents the site from being static and boring. This effect is when elements in the foreground move faster the background. It creates depth and movement.

Charity:water’s website is superb because it is so engaging for the user. (Note: They have temporarily put up a new homepage for the Nepal relief fund.) The immediate homepage contains a video behind text explaining how to support the company through various campaigns. As you scroll down the site, certain elements move or change colors. These design elements are visually appealing and prompt the viewer to take action and navigate through the site.

CharityWater Web Design

About half-way down the page, you get to “Step 3” – how to support. The balloons shift back and forth, leading you down the page. Once you get to “Step 3” the map slides slightly left as if coming into focus with the blue marker directly on place. They also have a call-to-action right there on the page; “Ready? Get your campaign started!” It’s a brilliant use of design that makes navigating through the site easier.

Large Images

Using impressive photographs has been a trend for a while now in the online world. It’s worth mentioning though because it’s a trend that should continue. Images are so effective in web design because they communicate a message quickly and elicit a strong response. They can be used to show what your business does, for example, and supported by descriptive text for those who have longer attention spans. The sites above utilize photographs throughout their site.

Photos are an effective way to give the viewer’s eyes a break from sections of text. 

J.Hornig Photo Web Design

Here we have a website for an Austrian fair trade coffee company called J.Hornig (or JOHO). Their use of photographs is seamless, contributing to a clean look. The images with text serves as links to other pages of their site, where one can learn more about their business and “direct trade” coffee they offer. The fact that they don’t use stock photos also conveys their unique brand message. Photos serve as a means to demonstrate the authenticity of a business.

Great design allows your website to work for you. It satisfies your customers when they can easily find information. It will make people want to frequently come back and visit your site. This is a compilation of great design tactics for websites, however these design elements are only truly effective if they are implemented properly.

At Designflair, we have an impeccable eye for web design. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a beautiful site, that is functional and mobile friendly. Ask us for more information about our web design services today!

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