Why Your Business Needs Facebook

Some are hesitant to create a Facebook account for their business or company for various reasons. However, utilizing Facebook can really grow your business. You don’t need to use every social media platform, yet Facebook is one that is essential. Using it to it’s full potential will create new relationships for your company and help you sustain the existing ones.

Here are some reasons why Facebook is truly valuable.

Large Reach

Facebook is great because the number of its users worldwide. According to Grosocial, “there are more than 2 billion connections between local business and people.” So not only does this platform have many users, but it also facilitates connections. The number of people on Facebook is growing everyday. Facebook allows you to reach a wide audience of varying demographics. For this reason alone, marketing strategists consider Facebook a necessary component to get your business out there.

Get Info Out Fast & Frequently

Facebook is useful for businesses because it allows you to get information out quickly. In the world of social media, it’s not favored for multiple updates to go out within the same day on certain platforms (such as with Instagram). However, it is appropriate for users to update their Facebook at least twice a day. Use Facebook for promotions, sale notifications, or link shares without your clients feeling bothered by updates.

Media Mishmash

Out of all the social media platforms that exist today, Facebook is one that is conducive for a variety of media. You can post a plain text post, a video with a caption, or a photo with a caption. Businesses can take advantage of this! It’s a refreshing way to continually update your page and convey information about your company. Beyond that, it’s also wise to use the profile and cover photos to convey your brand identity.

Travelocity Facebook Cover


Travelocity’s Facebook page is a great example of how to do this. Their profile picture and cover photo work well together and communicate their brand identity. It communicates the sense of adventure their company wants to portray with the picture of the gnome and slogan Go and Smell the Roses. If you need a creative cover photo, we can make one tailored for your business today.

Marketing Insights

Facebook promotions are becoming more and more common for businesses to use, and for good reason. Page Insights on Facebook provides a way for you to track the engagement and reach of your Facebook page. This is a great means of gathering information about your audience. Looking at the metrics, you can see which posts receive the most response. You can learn what content your clients prefer. Facebook can enhance your marketing strategies.

Follow Up

There are so many ways to follow up with current and potential clients these days. Facebook is a unique and personal way to network. Also, it proves to be an effective way for people to engage with your promotions or marketing strategies. Responding to a post is a quick and easy way for people to reply to your company. Overall, it’s clear that Facebook can increase communication between businesses and their audience.

These are just a few main points about the benefits of using Facebook for your business. Yet this list goes on. Facebook allows you to keep in contact with colleagues, power partners, customers, and the general public.

Check out this article from Hubspot on how to quickly create a Facebook page for your business. It contains a slideshow to simplify the process and more in-depth points on how to take full advantage of using Facebook for your business.

Facebook is one of our favorite ways to reach out to our own clients! Talk to us today about how to enhance your Facebook marketing strategies or if you need help creating a page. We can also help you analyze your Facebook metrics.

Stay tuned for future blog articles from us about Facebook for business!


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