Client Project: Dr. M. Riad El Ghonemy Website

I’ve been building and coding websites for over half my life now (wow! I can’t believe I can say that but I really did begin at 12 when I first taught myself HTML code) and last year I realized I needed to expand my repertoire of web design options.

Last fall I joined a Meetup group, Webify Your Business Tri-Valley, with two great guys who help small businesses with social media and SEO.  We meet weekly and it has been a great place for me to bounce ideas off them about different online strategies, as well as learn from each other.

Through this meeting, I finally forced myself to learn WordPress for two reasons.

Many of my inquiries lately have been for websites that the users could update themselves and custom CMS websites start in the thousands and go up.

It was a major trend in the online industry and I wanted to at least gain an understanding of what WordPress could offer.

I am pleased to say that since the beginning of 2011, I have built 6 WordPress sites. Yay! I now have the confidence and experience to offer these websites as a part of my services repertoire for those looking for the additional features it provides and with a smaller budget.

The website for Dr. M. Riad El Ghonemy is just one of those websites. The client came to me asking for a website for his father, who is a published author and renowned Development Economist. His basic requirements were to have a site to provide information for his father with more emphasis on content than design. Click to view the completed website.

A wordpress website for Dr Rhiad El Ghonemy
I now make WordPress websites too!

Interested in more information about the Webify Meetup Group? Contact me and visit the host’s website for more information about internet marketing.

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